Acherus. Audience with Highlord Darion Mograine.

Fifth day of Coldwind month (5th February)

- How was your way, lady Sunfury?
Knight of the Ebon Blade offers her a hand, to help dismount, and she accepts it – even trough gloves, made of frostweave, she feels cold touch of plate armor.
- One of your soldiers helped me to get up here with this poor creature. Not usual for me to ride this kind of flyer, but it went well, thank you.
- Nice. Sir is awaiting for you, let me show you the way.
- Will follow you with great pleasure.
She smiles softly and follows him, when Knight starts to lead way. Looking around, priestess makes a notes about necropolis architecture – she was few times in Naxxramas, during Dawn raids, but have never had a chance to notice it. Knight stops at huge doors, opens these and gestures her to come in. Priestess politely inclines head, thanking him in silence, and leads in, throwing short glance around, before stopping it at Highlord. He stands at balcony, looking to distance, and leaning to balcony side. Seems, like her arrival got him in thoughts.
- M'lord.
Death Knight turnes head – she hears sound of moving plate armor, making her a shiver for a moment. True was that creeping feeling, that she had first time in Icecrown, when met him. Mograine eyes her up and down shortly, then coughs quietly, releasing glance to side.
- Greetings, cardinal. Excuse me my rudeness – I was in my own thoughts slightly.
- Nothing to worry about, m'lord, I understand.
- Please, take a sit, no need for a woman to stand - I believe your travel up here wasn't really enjoyable, so feel free to rest a bit.
- Thank you, m'lord.
She makes steps closer to armchair and sits down, still looking at him. Knight frowns, before starting to walk from side to side...Hard steps, that could been heard even in awful noise.
- I should thank you for coming, lady Sunfury. Alone.
- How could I came with delegation, m'lord, if you asked to make it tet-a-tet?
- True, true...
- M'lord. I understand you have a lot of work – it is same for me. What was that, you wished to talk with me?
He stops, rising glance at her. Cold and sharp – only years of training made her not to frown under this glance. Priestess keep silence, awaiting for his answer.
- Your people do not trust us. My people feels annoyed because of it. Some of them could be agressive even... I'm afraid of more accidents, that could become a usual things.
- M'lord. Our people do not trust your people because they're not competent.
- What then? What, explain me?
- M'lord....Sir Mograine. You should understand, that we are just living – we have fears, we make mistakes and realise these after...Only few think before doing something. Most of our people hearts are leaded by feelings. We see risen from death soldiers and feel afraid of it. Why? Because first of all we see an undead in this soldier...
- But we are not, damn it!
- Calm down...I know you're not. But before I understood that – passed some time... And others will understand, with time. Your people are annoyed – I know it also. Some of us already understand, that their actions are only our fault – and, by the Light's sake, we're trying to correct these...
He keeps silence, looking down at her – now standing close to armchair. So close, that she feels cold, incoming from him.
- You do not fear. Does it mean, you trust me?
- I do, sir.
- You trust me? A monster, who was killing those, like you? Monster, who was destroying everything you loved?
Priestess stands up, but still even her elven height isn't enough to be up with him – Knight looks down at her, but not with feeling of being higher, than she. Her delicate fingers carefully touches his hand, as priestess smiles softly.
- Even if you were a monster – you're not anymore. You're here, with us, by our side. You're one of us.
- Have you a fear at all...Astha?
- Yes. We all have.
- We have enemies to fight.
- No, Darion...There is nothing left to fight – only our own mistakes and our fears. All our enemies, we have now, were our friends once...Why they hate us now? Maybe, we made something wrong? Think of it.
He keeps silence again, not releasing hand and looking down – it is enough to close palm and he can easily break these fingers... Make her feel the pain. Knight frowns, trying to carefully take her by hand.
- You trust me?
- I do.
- Then I want to be sure of it.
- Word of the Light follower – isn't it enough for you?
- My path goes trough shadows and abyss.
- How can I prove it?
- Close your eyes. Let me lead you. And we will see.
She looks at him for a moment, then closes eyes, not releasing hand. She feels how carefully he tries to lead her – as if she was made of glass...Tough, maybe it looks like – knight in dark plate armor and elven priestess in her golden robes. She counts steps – twenty, thirty...fifty...Resounding in corridors echo – they walk in silence, each thinking of something. In seven minutes of walk she feels how they pass a portal – slightly freezing wind, running by skin. Few more minutes and they stop – silence...So quiet, that priestess can hear her own heart beating.
- Open eyes...
She opens eyes. And stands in amazament, trying to catch a breath... Balcony without handrail. And Twisting Nether after it. She is standing on the edge – Twisting Nether lives, moves, feels living so close, tries to reach her. Priestess looks at it with wide-open eyes, having no will to say or do something.
- You trust me still, Astha?
- ... Yes...yes, I do.
He offers her a hand again, gesturing to make a last step. She holds his hand and makes it... And he grabs her back, holding by shoulders, not following her, as she thought he will do.
- Little naive priestess... Never...Never do that again. Even if someone, who you love, will ask for that... If you mean something for them – they'll trust you without asking to prove it...
- Never tell me of those, like you, that they are monsters... We all...Are brothers and sisters...
- I know. Forgive me that. And this test too...My blades by your side.
- My Spirit by your side, m'lord. I'll try to prevent conflicts between our people, if I'll see some...
- Thank you, Astha. Let me open Gate once again for you.
She nods, watching him, opening the Death Gate. No fear at all – she trusts him. Only one short glance back, to the egde...And both – The Watcher and The Lightweaver – disappear in mirror of the portal.

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