Commonly known by her nickname Sith, her full name is something reserved for close friends, although it is by no means a secret. She is slightly above average height in comparison to other blood elven women around her age. Her skin is ghostly pale, almost porcelain looking, and strongly contrasts her raven black hair, which is usually cut short, and slightly ruffled at the back of her neck. No scars, markings or tattoos can be seen on her body. Her eyes have an almost eerie, yellow hue and tend to have a playful twinkle in them. She will very rarely give an honest smile, but almost constantly wears a smug grin on her face when she's in a good mood.

She walks with a casual, yet confident, stroll and sometimes gives off a subtle jingle as she moves due to the fairly large amount of bracelets and other assorted pieces of jewellery she's wearing. Her posture tends to be quite relaxed, even on formal occasions.

Two sword hilts can at times be seen sticking out from her boots, but she usually seems to be completely unarmed, should she not be sporting some kind of battle gear or armour. In those cases she's often wearing one slender sword at each hip and, occasionally, accessorised herself with throwing daggers rather than jewellery.

Character traits

  • In general, she is a very carefree and easy going young woman, taking each day as they come. Despite often acting cynical and sarcastic, Sith is a hopeless optimist, feeling that things will always work out somehow.
  • Most things she says are made up on the spot. She will rarely give the same version of her background story, or the story of her accent, twice. Sith doesn't lie to be mysterious or obnoxious; she simply tends to find "stories" to be more entertaining than the truth in many cases.
  • She speaks with a slight accent, which has gotten less thick since leaving the Faire. Questions about said accent are actually the ones most commonly asked by people wanting to know anything about her.
  • Thinking little of consequences or her personal safety, she tends to make non-strategic decisions. Her delight in taking risks results in her being very careless at times. Challenges make her feel alive, and although she's not very likely to admit it, she's quite the adrenaline junkie.
  • Sith avoids fighting; should she find herself in a combat situation she will, if possible (and unless she has someone/something to protect), try to escape. She can throw and juggle daggers, but she couldn't use one in combat to save her life.

Occupation and hobbies

“I'm a freelancing treasure hunter and sellsword. I do entertainment. I can read your fortune and I can tell you stories. Just make sure there is something involved that interests me.” - Sith

Sith is more or less a mercenary, gladly accepting most odd jobs as long as they seem interesting or amusing, which are factors she values above monetary rewards. "Treasure hunter" is her way of making "thief" and "tomb raider" sound more glamorous.

Random hobbies include accepting dares she shouldn't accept, playing the violin and tending to her pets.

Background: Marian's Story


The Faire days

Whether she was orphaned or simply abandoned as a child is impossible for her to answer, as she doesn't know. She has been on her own since she was but a child, and she has no memories of her birth parents.

By an insane stroke of luck, she was found by an elderly human woman who travelled with the Darkmoon Faire, and as she had no family of her own, she decided to take care of the child. She called the girl Marian, and taught her how to charm snakes, dance a tightrope, read fortunes, juggle and various other tricks. Most of the time, however, Marian learnt about doing laundry, cooking and taking care of the dishes.

Things changed as she befriended a young man called Marchus, who spontaneously travelled with the Faire when it suited him. Despite their polar opposite personalities, Marian and Marchus formed a strong bond; she would occasionally refer to him as her brother, and a lot of the world ended up being viewed from on top of his shoulders. More often than not, she would follow him on his adventures rather than travelling with the Faire, leaving the old woman to do her own laundry. But she would always return.

After many years, the old woman passed away, causing Marian to leave both the Faire and her name behind.

Pets and mounts

  • Duchess: A (fairly) tame black raptor, which Sith is terribly fond of.
  • Precious: The black Kingsnake who is Sith's current favourite amongst her collection of pet serpents. It will sometimes drape itself around her neck and shoulders, like some bizarre fashion accessory.


  • Sith was born blind.
  • She is quite young: somewhere in her late teens or early twenties.
  • Marchus was the one who named her A'Sitheria.
  • At times she adds "Quelo'covnoni" to her name, but if that is an actual surname, a title, an obscure word in a strange language or just something she uses to amuse herself by noticing people hurt their tongue trying to pronounce properly, remains unknown.
  • Braelynne "Red" Lwin'Dawn was something of a mentor to her for a while.
  • The closest thing she currently has to a family is her lover; a man with, according to Sith, an ego large enough to desevre its own country.
  • She has a fondness for apples, sweets and really strong rum.

Author's notes

Her in-game name is Sitheria. The name Marian is from a song by The Sisters of Mercy, which is in no way intended to be a theme song or anything like that.

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