A story by Kaityn

Full Synopsis Edit

At first she had suspected the Draenei woman was just stone. She stood unmoving on the rise, with the whelp flapping around her restlessly. As Draeghana moved closer, she could see the gentle flutter of the woman’s cloak in the hot breeze.

“What are you doing here?”

The woman’s eyes opened, revealing a pale luminescence, shot through with deep purples. She regarded the Gnome for a while, unhurried. Draeghana felt as if those eyes were looking through her into another place. She reached a hand to Slooghun, as if for reassurance of his presence. The Draenei blinked, and the spell was broken.

“I seek that which cannot be found.”

Draeghana laughed. Didn’t everyone? A goal, an aim, another person’s gold. For her it was all the same. She sought a safe haven for her comrades, but her commander was so brash that she believed she would never find one he could keep secret long enough for them to regroup. She had hoped that here beyond Blackrock they might find peace for a while, but the lands were scorched and burned by dragons. There was no peace.

“Who are you?”

The Draenei sighed, and settled down, sitting cross legged on the rock face. The whelp landed, and scuttled over to it’s mistress, nuzzling against her arm.

“I am Kaitlyn.”

“And where do you hail from?”

“No where.”

Draeghana sighed. Another secretive long legs. What did it matter? Yet she was drawn by curiosity to this one.

“You look tired. Come. There is a camp just a little further along from here. You should rest.”

“I cannot go to the camp. He would not return there. Too many… people.”

Draeghana thought about this for a while, then made her way up to the rise to sit alongside the Draenei, mindful of the whelp.

“So be it. But take some food, miss, and tell me, who is ‘He’?”

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