On this page, i will be documenting all my stories and shorts that are related to Vitanisus in any way, wether they be full-blown novels, to short thoughts and actions that have been posted on the Realm Forums.

Pride and Honour

Vitanisus grunted, as he pulled out an arrow-head from his shoulder. Once again, the Alliance had held their ground in Wintergrasp, as they had done for most of the day. " Filthy cowards," he thought. "Sitting inside that damnable fortress. None of them a worthy of death by my hands... none of them are honourable enough."

"No... there was that one..." said a small voice in his head. "That human... he fought with honour. He was a worthy foe...."

Vitanisus seemed to grin slightly, as he remembered that particular fight. Yes, he was honourable... and he looked forward to seeing him again on the battlefield...

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