A Fresh Start Edit

I wasn’t takin’ this! Not from them… Not from him… I kicked a rock across the ground, looking for somethin’ to take my anger out on, it shouldn’t be like this jus’ a few months ago everything was goin’ real nice, but ever since… Then I remembered what the gnome had said… I thought back.

A few years ago I came to Stormwind seeking a new life… and my revenge. I won’t go into details but there were few of us, at least, for the moment. The one sitting next to me was my younger brother, on my other side a guy I knew since I was a kid. All I had was a few copper, the dirty, blood stained clothing I’d been wearin’ for the last few months, a oily shotgun, a half empty bottle of Whisky an’ well… My uncle’s Necklace… he said I could have it once he was gone… I never thought it would be so soon…

My brother was very calm, sitting with a blank expression watching the rain pound down on the water. My old friend was shaking, he was younger than us, it could have been jus’ the cold, but I knew he was scared… How can the son of one of the most feared bandits of the north be scared of a little adventure, well he never took after his father “Menag Senior the mighty bloodchewer” Or somethin’ like that anyway. He thought we’d be shot on sight… poor kid, apart from them everyone else looked either excited or sea sick, and I tell ya this wouldn’t be the last time I float around on some second rate raft made out of driftwood and old clothes. I placed my hand on the poor boys shoulder; I’d always been the older, the wiser and the stronger. “C’mon Menag we’re nearly there now”. He just mumbled, I couldn’t hear him under the Storm, the sky was ripping itself apart. Although at the time I never really though about it, I’m shocked how much punishment that raft took.

Well, as I was sayin’, my uncle, Garin.

He had always been good too me and as far as I know he had no idea he’d be stuck with me for five and a half years. He was great, a bit odd, with his cult stuff and his engineering, but a great man. He was like a second father, in fact considering my real dad was always busy he was really the first person who I could really trust, a guy who taught me so much, who always knew how to get me out of trouble, who would never be able to help me again.

Ah… but the necklace… It was a pretty little thing done up in silver, my uncle had lots of crazy stories, and quite a few of them were about this necklace. I got my nickname “Silver” at least from a few, after I throttled someone with the thing.

Anyway, that gnome… She was babbling on about the dragon flight, maybe it’s a sign... maybe, I’m not one to believe in fate, my uncle was always a supporter… Urgh, what harm could it do, sure we can’t trust rich boy Eyel with too much power but hell he can be kept in line, maybe I might even be able to take these guys for a ride, if the turn out to be fake. If I can get the right people in this group and get the right people out or on my side my wouldn’t it be easier to get what I want? Yeah, why even ask, sides at the rate things are goin’ I can’t pass on a chance like this. Only time will tell.

I guess I’ll just have to ride it out, that’s what I do.

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