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Verdauga gritted his teeth, the slope was steep and the wind was against him and the other Eyes behind him. He had arranged for a snow trip, a chance for those who had not seen snow before to gaze upon the wonderous white veil. It was three days until the great feast of winter veil, and they were headed for Alterac. They came round the corner of a large mound and up a little further... and then there it was! "Snow! Snow!" cried the Eyes. "Here it is, snow... a great white blanket upon the land... a gi-" Verdauga stopped speaking abruptly as a snowball was thrown at him by Grallar the Orc. "Haha!" the Orc cried, and prepared another. But he was too late! Verdauga ducked down, scooped up a generous handful and threw it in the Orc's direction.


The snow trip

The others rolled around and jumped around in it, and soon a full scale snowball fight was underway! "For the Eyes!" they yelled in their jestful conflict. They began to build snow-orcs and snow-taurens, and some even tried to taste it (much to Verdaugas disapproval), when Seemos the troll warrior shouted something. "What be dat?" The Troll pointed over the snowy plains at a dark figure that stood out against the whiteness. Verdauga looked up and grunted. It was a sight he had reluctantly got used to. Shadow and frost wandered the lands, sinister riders cloaked in darkness. "Come along now, the journey was long and we are tired and cold... prepare a fire." Verdauga said as he turned away.

Verdauga grouped up with the others and turned back to where the figure was standing. But it was gone. The orc hunter Grallar kept his eyes out and on occasion whispered to Verdauga that they were being watched, and he could have sworn he saw the dark figure up on the mountains, and then upon the ruins. Littlemoo the Taureness prepared a fire, and they warmed up mugs of coco and prepared some fish. "Verdauga feels a presence he has felt before... although it feels... different.", the white bull said. The others looked up at him and around the mountains and ruins, agitated that the chilling presences was still nearby. "Do not worry, that shadow can not pass the shield that is myself... you are safe, my friends." Verdauga said. They settled down and spoke in hushed voices of the feast to come. "Look!" shouted Grallar. He pointed at the ruined battlements. And standing upon them was the dark figure they had seen before. Verdauga did not usually get frightened, but he was now. The figure was so sinister. "Use your great eyesight to gaze upon it, Grallar." said Verdauga.

The figure soon jumped down from the ruins of the battlements, and Grallar cried out: "He shouted something! And then jumped down!" before running off in the direction of the ruined battlements. "Grallar... no!" said Verdauga, and quickly followed him, the others soon behind him. They climbed up to the battlements and through a short narrow hall. Grallar was blocking the other end. "Out of the way Grallar..." said Verdauga. "Make way for the old bull." said a crispy, harsh and sinister voice from in front of Grallar. Grallar made way and Verdauga approached the figure, his face becoming more and more shocked as he got closer. It looked like an Orc, his right eye covered in an eyepatch, the left eye shining brightly. His skin was dark and rotted, and his teeth were sharp. He was dressed in dark armour and held a glowing halberd adorned with skulls and sinister spikes. "You... you're... no..." said Verdauga. "What... what have they done to you... can it be... Threm?" Verdauga's voice shook.

"500 gold and a rare mount for Verdauga, right answer." said Threm, before adding "Not". Verdauga was in shock, he did not know how to react. "You.. fool! Verdauga said you should have been buried in Moonglade... away from where any corpse theives... you could.. Threm.. NOO!" Verdauga wailed and started to bang his head against the wall of the battlements several times. The other eyes were confused. Many of them had never met the orc. "Get over yourself, old bull." Threm snickered, then turned around to face the troll, Seemos. "Now, Seemos. Show your old teacher some tricks you've learnt!" Seemos charged at Threm, sword in hand... but was easily thrown aside and disarmed. "Your turn..." he added, and dhot out dark energy at Grallar, gripping his head and drew the orc towards him. "Lok'tar ogar!", the orc shouted... before being grabbed by the arm and almost died due to Threm's freezing touch. "Traitor.. Scourge..! You did not mention any of this in your diary.. that you would.. become.." Verdauga stuttered.Threm pointed the point of the halberd at Verdauga's head. "Oh, I were fully aware of what was going to happen. That's why I didn't fight it. You see... I have but one mission in my life. I swore an oath to myself... I will help everyone I ever came across. I have helped you, The Horde, The Argent Dawn... now I'm simply helping the Scourge. I don't care about any of you. Aslong as it helps someone, anyone, I will do it. However... you amused me in life for some time. I'm not as cruel as I once was, unfortunetly... I won't end you here and now.", Said hrem, who stood willingly taking arrow shots from the renewed Grallar. He didn't even seem to be bothered about it. Verdauga looked at Threm, tears in his eyes. "Me never thought it would happen to you... it did not even cross my mind... you will meet your doom by my hands, Threm... but not with my Eyes present!" Verdauga yelled and blasted Threm off the battlements with a spell made of wind and water. (The fall was not great). "Gruh?! How dare y-?!" "RUN!", Verdauga cried out, and grabbed his fellow Eyes, and made an escape. "GRRR! I am Dark Rider Threm! You can not escape me!" yelled Threm. "Verdauga will save you Threm! By ending you!" the Druid shouted back. The eyes made their way down the mountain with haste, the heavy snow in Verdauga's face concealing the tears running down his furry face.

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The Druid Whitecloud

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