Written by Gehax. It provides some background information for the Chronicles of the Hand.

Full Synopsis Edit

Old town at night is a rough place, shadowy figures barely visible though rain or mist. In Old Town crimes can be carried out in the middle of the day, this is bad territory, where assassins meet and the home turf of the criminal group often referred to as “The Old Town Traders”.

Two figure meet, one a dwarf wearing a fancy shirt, a hood covering his head and stood waiting for the other to approach, the other wore a hat pulled down to cover his face as he walked over he stumped a cigar out on the ground, “Evenin’” “’Ey ain’t seen you since the meetin’” “Aye, anything planed?”. The human looks around “No been quite I haven’t seen another trader in ages, hey you get my note?”, the dwarf spits on the ground “Bunch of soft wizards they are, not raw like us.” The human grins “Yeh, well these guys can make us rich”, “They’ll get rich, leave us with nothin’,” The human nods starting to grin again, “Yeah they don’t treat us with respect, I say we teach um a lesson.” the two theives look at each other, it was a job like any other.

A few minutes later the two thugs walked over to the registry office in Cathedral Square, “Alrigh’ so we gotta find out where these guys live yeah? If they don’t treat us right we can rip the council apart”, the dwarf nods, the two of them flick though the books and registers for about half an hour until, “Snipe you found anything?” The human turns “Nope”. The dwarf closes his eyes “They’ve moved the records…” It was clear that they were not going to find the councils addresses in the town hall, after all these men and women were among the most cruel and feared in the Eastern Kingdoms. “That Eyel bloke is a warlock right?”, the human turns “Yeah, most of them are” “We could always attack him another way” implys the dwarf, “are you thinkin’ we hit the lamb” the dwarf grins “read my mind”.

“Will this take long George?”, “No, just gotta pick up a few things”, they enter a tailor picking up dyes and cloth after which they head to a alchemists getting a very dubious looking liquid, “That’s it” the dwarf leads the way to the mage tower, they immediately aroused a lot of suspension. The portal leading to the mages master chambers dominated the room. The dwarf pulled some equipment out his satchel, a mage wonders over, the human whips out a knife knocking him unconscious with the hilt, the man falls to the ground groaning like a aged tree. Snipe kicks the body and turns back to his companion, “Now what?” “Hold this” the human takes the cloth as the dwarf attaches a string and explosives to a lever on the rim of the portal, he takes a length of wire, tying it to the cloth, and the trap was set…

The Slaughtered Lamb in the less respectable part of the mage quarter, the two men prepared there revenge on the warlocks as they had on the mages, opening a bag George pulled out a old bottle of rum and poured it onto the ground, sighing as it sank into the soil. The human pulled out one of his dynamites and slit it open with his knife. The black powder was poured into the bottle, the human weighted it in his hand, a few other mixtures were added, glycerine, dyes and after which it could have been rum unless examined closely, “Why don’t we just throw this in there booze supply and blow them back to the twisted nether” the dwarf shook his head “No, that’ll just convince them we’re common thugs we wanna show them that we're more”, George wrote “Old Town Rum” in dispersing ink after which he wondered in offering the bottle as part of a shipment. A few minutes later the human wondered in demanding a drink “A old town rum and make it snappy!”. By this time the ink had taken affect and now the ink had changed into the shape of a satyr’s horn, the bartender confused asked a young demonologist to take this bottle downstairs, he turned back to the man but Snipe was already gone.

The too men walked away “Petty we’ll miss the explosion”, “Yeah but we don’t wanna be seen here, but helll that’ll show them.” The two men disappear into the slums of Stormwind far away from the sounds of the screams and fire of their crime…

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