Achaia Archrion

Achaia, recently killed by Scourge Deathknights was the wife of Geis Archrion and an Officer within Remnants of the Essence

Perviously however, she was a High ranking officer in the House of Flying Daggers, a covert operation of Rogues working for the Horde.

She had two children, Zoah and Sorienna Archrion.

Name and Title

Achaia Archrion - Officer of the Remnants

Nari - Former Shade of the Flying Daggers

Vital Stats and Physical ApperanceEdit

Achaia stands tall and slender, her dark leather armour is well cared for and well used. Small Throwing Knives lace her belt, thighs, and extra ones are stacked all over her person, with her twin arcane imbuled blades at her hip.

Her Amber hair is normally tied up and out of her way, her skin is pale and her expression normally reutral. She smells faintly of the Dun Morogh Mountains and alochol.

Can be seen with a rifle or a bow from time to time both of which she can use with skill. The tip of her left ear is missing as is half her right. Other than that few scars can be seen on her person. She wears two rings, a small silver band and a wedding band and a thin necklace with two small charms on it.

She speaks Quietly.


Achaia lead her own sub-unit within the Flying Daggers called 'Shade' their motive and aim was intel retrival, collection and discovery.

Family and Friends Edit


Achaia's Husband, Geis Archrion

Geis Archrion - Husband

Ignison Cala'elen - Brother

Zoah Archrion - Son

Sorienna Archrion - Daughter


I will perhaps add this later.

Criminal RecordEdit


Achaia Archrion

Breaking and Entering




Assult on an Officer of the Horde

Assult on a Militry building



Disturbing the Peace


Resisting Authorities

Withholding Information/Obstruction of Juctice

Imprisioned twice, when caught, Most charges have not been served.

Quotes Edit

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Stories Edit

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  • Although married to the leader, Achaia never wore the tabbard of the Remnants of the Essence
  • She had a puppy called Scrap, that once when to the toliet on Geis' boots.
  • During her service of the Flying Daggers she went through three Message Owl's, as people kept incinerating them.
  • She once threw a Knife at Sithren Strifeheart. She lived to regret it.
  • Close friend's adopted the nickname 'Little Narru' for her, after Kelu, drunk, mispronounced 'Little Nari'.
  • Achaia had initially and in all seriousness planned to kill Geis. Not marry him.
  • Achaia was a workaholic and towards the end of her days a budding alcoholic
  • Her faviourite drink was Tequila.
  • She owned a House with Geis in the Dun Morogh mountains
  • The alliance largely left her alone due to the influence of Martin Northwall, they believed that, although in with a bad crowd, that she was a nice person.

Theme SongsEdit

Disturbed - I'm Alive

Other Alt's/Mains Edit

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Alyxandria A'lorai

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