Creating a Character PageEdit

The easiest way of creating an article for your character is to first add that character's name into the Character List: simply click "Edit" on top of the Character List page and add your character's information to the list (name, surname, race, gender, in-game class). Be sure to put your character's name in double square brackets, i.e. [[like this]].

In order to edit the sortable character list, you need to change the editing mode from Visual (default) into Source: you might be unable to edit the list otherwise. This is easily done by clicking the tab on the top right corner of the editing window.

When making a new character page, it is advisable to put your character's full name (if applicable) into the brackets in case other characters with the same first name or surname exist in RP (e.g. two players with characters Jane and Jáne, with the first one being called Jane Larkspur and the second Jane Warren in RP). You can make the link only show the character's first name by adding a vertical bar (|) between the two forms: thus, inputting [[Jane Larkspur|Jane]] will show on the list as Jane. You can also use the aforementioned method to create a page for a character with a special character (accent etc.) in their in-game name but show the link without the special character.

Editing a Character PageEdit

After you have saved the Character List, your character should now appear in the list and their name should be a link. The link will initially appear red because the character's article doesn't yet exist, but you can simply click the link to open your character's new page in editing mode and start writing.

It's usually a good idea to include an infobox into your character page: the infobox offers some quick information about your character to other players and helps to catch their attention. If you don't want to add all information asked in the infobox, fill the fields with "None" or something similar, as it will otherwise unsightly code in the field instead.

(N.B. Adding the infobox is easier done in Source mode, where you can simply paste the code from the infobox template and replace the sample answers with your own.)

Once you have added the infobox (optionally), you can start writing anything about your character. The Sha'tar Wiki has no set layout for a character page's content, but the template below has been fairly popular. If you wish to use it, simply copy and paste it into your character's page and edit/add/remove sections to your liking.

Character Page TemplateEdit

Physical Traits
A brief description of the character's appearance, other physical features (voice, smell etc.) and any potential objects of note.

Race and Class
Character's race and class, which may differ from their in-game equivalents (e.g. a Blood Elf roleplaying a Half-Elf, or a Hunter roleplaying a Ranger). You can also describe your character's specialisations within their class here.

Character's guild, if they have one, and potentially their attitude towards the guild. Can be left out if the character is unguilded, in an OOC guild, or doesn't consider the information relevant.

Occupations your character has. May be in-game professions and/or RP professions.

Close family members and family background.

Summary of your character's personal history. If this section exceeds a couple of paragraphs in length, it might be a good idea to use subheadings to break down the text a bit and make it easier to read (less "tl;dr")

Criminal Record
This section may be included or omitted according to the case.

Personal Notes
Any IC and/or OOC notes plus trivia which might be useful or interesting. Theme tunes, personality quirks, voice examples, fitting TV Tropes, Mary Sue test score...

Adding CategoriesEdit

Once your character page (or at least its first version) is ready, it is a good idea to add categories so that the character can be easily found from the ones suiting them. If you are using the Visual mode, you can easily add categories with the Categories tool on the left side of your editing window; in Source editing mode, you can add them by typing the category name inside double square brackets (e.g. [[Category:Categoryname]]) at the end of your character page.

A character page should ideally contain the following categories:

  • The all-important 'Characters' tag. This is the only tag we allow in plural (and that's only because changing it for so many characters would take a month).
  • Class tag. Singular, so 'Rogue', not 'Rogues'.
  • Race tag. Singular, in the common tongue. So, 'Blood Elf' and 'Tauren', NOT 'Sin'dorei' and 'Shu'halo'.
  • Playable faction tag.

Valid, optional tags include:

  • Alignment (D&D 3.5 style, ranging from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil).
  • In-game faction (Argent Crusade, Kirin Tor, etc).

Tags you should NOT include:

  • Guild.
  • Roleplay class, if applicable.
  • House/clan/organisation.

If your character belongs to one of these, link it to and from the relevant pages!

So, example categories for a Human Paladin from the guild <Mystic Knights> who roleplays an Argent Crusader would be the following:

  • Category:Characters
  • Category:Alliance
  • Category:Human
  • Category:Paladin
  • Category:Lawful Good (optional)
  • Category:Argent Crusade (optional)

Editing Tips & IdeasEdit

You can add pictures to your character page by first uploading the file into the Wiki and then either clicking the Add Photo button in the 'Add features and media' toolbar or typing [File:Filename.extension] where you want to add the picture (in Source edit mode). You can also add other media into your page as long as the file size doesn't exceed 10 MB (see Help:Uploading files for more help).

If you aren't sure what to put into a section or are looking for ideas, it can be a good idea to take a look at others' character pages and see how they have been built. You can click the Edit button and switch to Source view if you wish to see the source, but remember NOT to save any changes you might have made!

If you wish to add a navigation menu on top of your character page, simply type {{navigation}} on top of the page in Source edit mode. Using the navigation requires you to use headings in your character page, however (see below for heading formatting).

Basic FormattingEdit

Below are some tips for formatting your character pages:

  • Double '=' before and after a title will make it a section heading; for example, any section headings (Physical Traits, Background etc) of your character page.
  • Triple '=' before and after a title will make it a subheading; for example, any potential sub-section headings (e.g. 'Before the Third War' under 'Background') of the character page.
  • Two apostrophes ('') around a piece of text will make it italic.
  • Three apostrophes (''') will make it bold
  • Five apostrophes (''''') will make it bold and italic

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