Blood Guard Adera Swiftfoot
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Physical TraitsEdit

Adera is a typical orc female, quite muscular, not too slim but not overweight either. She is 31 years old and has brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She has some scars around her face and body, but they are usually covered by armour or simply aren't big enough to be very noticeable in a world of constant conflict. Her armor is well-cared for, and the only piece of jewelry she wears is a necklace with three large fangs hanging from it.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc hunter




Adera is a mercenary, however she does choose what kind of assignments she takes quite carefully. If the cause seems good enough and she is certain that her employer can't or shouldn't pay her she may do some work for free as well. In-game professions are Engineering and Mining.


Her mother, Reshka, was a shaman when she was young, but abandoned that path when shamans were no longer welcomed in the Horde. Ever since The Warchief Thrall freed the orcs from the interment camps she has tried to re-establish her connection to the Elemental Spirits, but with little success. 60 years old.

Adera's father is called Grakan and he is a true warrior, fiercely loyal to the Horde. He is not proud of everything that he's done, but doesn't particularly regret anything either. 62 years old.

Adera has a younger brother Takar, who is somewhat hot-headed and rash, but he is studying to become a shaman and because of that is really trying to control his temper. 25 years old.

Her older brother Bale died in the Battle for Mount Hyjal.


Adera was just a child when the orcs left Draenor, so she doesn't remember much of the life they had before her family settled to live on Azeroth. Their family was constantly on the move with the main bulk of the Horde army so taking care of the children was a sort of community effort, and the children were expected to take part in the daily activities like hunting and cooking as well. It wasn't an easy life, but with both of her parents around Adera had it better than many of the other children. In time she became a scout, and eventually earned herself the last name "Swiftfoot". However, she didn't actually take part in any big battles before Thrall helped her family along with others out of the internment camp. Other than that, the only notable event in her history was the death of her older brother Bale during the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

That is the character concept I started with. Since then Adera has developed a lot, but that's another story.

Personal NotesEdit

Adera travels around with a brown wolf called Dust, and he has a large part in how I roleplay Addy. In some ways he's more like a dog than a wolf, and he is infact partially based on a real dog I used to know.

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