Aeltyr Kerrigan (middle)

Name Edit

Exarch Aeltyr Kerrigan

Physical Traits Edit

Not very muscular (though he'd like to believe otherwise), short for a human, green eyes, vague cog tattoo on right hand.

Race and Class Edit

Human Rogue

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Exarch of Athanatoi

Family Edit

Information unknown, parents presumed to be alive, no known siblings.

Background Edit

After a life of petty crimes under the Defias Brotherhood, Aeltyr was hired by SI:7 to gather information for them. He was sent to the front in Alterac Valley, where he would meet Azretha Moonpaw as one of his commanding officers. She would eventually recommend him to the Matriarch of Athanatoi as a worthy successor to herself, giving Aeltyr an Exarch position.
Under construction.

Family Background Edit

Under construction.

Criminal Record Edit

Apprehended multiple times for harassment in Stormwind, also got five years of Stockades prison for theft and burglary. Aeltyr was linked to the Defias Brotherhood in a bank heist, but charges were suddenly dropped.

Personal Notes Edit

I based Aeltyr on womanizing cartoon characters like Johhny Bravo [1] or Duffman [2], he's not very smart, he's always chasing girls, but he always has fun and never gives up.

Voice-wise, he sounds like Duke Nukem [3], but less badass and more desperate, though this is because of his choice of words and not his voice pitch.

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