Aezlia is Kall's succubus. Rarely summoned, even more rarely used in battle - although she can function as an extra pair of hands for babysitting or housework. Under strict supervision, of course. Seems to be relatively emotionless, but has a few odd habits which she will not talk about with anybody. Bound closely to Kall's will. Thinks Mezznos strange. Speaks Demonic and Gnomish.


Aezlia. Has a few nicknames in Demonic given by other demons, all of which are derogatory and most of which amount to something along the lines of "weirdo".

Physical TraitsEdit

Aezlia is not the most beautiful or terrible succubus you could meet. You might call her pretty at a push, but she's really a bit of a failure, as these things go.


Aezlia prefers not to talk about this. Like many of Kall's demons, she has been though a fair number of masters before now. She is not of remarkable age or calibre, and she has never had any notable masters.

Personal NotesEdit

A minion of Kall's.

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