Ailis Stormhammer
Ailis in her street clothes.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Alliance
Health Good
Level 14
Status Currently training to be a full-fledged Paladin.
Location Westfall

Physical TraitsEdit

Stands at about 5'7" with a strong build. Her eyes are a dark brown in contrast to her pale blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail out of her eyes. Her face is usually set in concetration when focused on a task or training, but is relaxed and happy otherwise.




Ailis works comfortably and a leather worker like her forefathers before her and also does the skinning for herself, prefering not to waste money on what she could do herself.


  • Elemdir Stormhammer (mother) (assumed to be deceased)
  • Rodrick Stormhammer (father) (assumed to be deceased)
  • Elex Sotrmhammer (younger brother) (died in childbirth)


Ailis was born about 19 years ago, under a clear full moon night to Elemdir and Rodrick Stormhammer in the village of Rockwell (located somewhere along the border of Lordaeron to the south) where she spent most of her life. She lived a happy childhood, despite the threats of the undead being so close by (her small village able to fend off the straying corpse or ghoul) and there being no fellow children for playmates. When she was about four summers of age, her mother gave birth to a stillborn and lost the ability to give children in the process. Overcome with grief, her mother would not name the dead baby, so Ailis called him "Elex", after her their old dog who'd passed away a year before.

A few years later, her parents began teaching Ailis the tricks of their trade. Her father showed her how to clean and skin an animal's hide and how to sew simple things such as boots and vests. When she asked her father one day how he knew so much on this trade, he grew silent and said, "It was my father's trade, and his father's trade, and his father's father's trade before us, my little Flower. It's in our blood." He wouldn't speak on the matter any more, no matter how little Ailis persisted. This was the first time her father had ever spoke of her ancestors or her grandpa for that matter.

When she went to her mother, she only told Ailis that Rodrick had been very young when Lordaeron was lost and did not like to speak of what happened to his father. Curiosity burning, she was able to get the village granny, who knew Rodrick since he was a boy, to tell her his tale. She spoke solemnly on the matter, telling her:

"You're father was a good lad, and a brave man. He used to take care of our sheep when we had them. You see little Ailis, when the Undead forces took over Lordaeron, your father's father was killed and resurrected into something unholy. He was forced to destroy his own sire, using the hammer his brother used before he died as a smith. Soon after, he trained with that hammer (later being given a proper warhammer), and fought feverently against the undead, being apart of many raids on his fallen land. His hammer became a symbol of hope for those that knew him, and later was ranamed Stormhammer, refusing any knightly titles, you know. Such a strange lad... Anyway, It wasn't until he met the young and fabulous Elemdir from Stormwind that he reconcidered his path of violence. Your mother persuaded the aging man to set aside his hammer and learn of love so as to save not only his family line, but himself as well. And that's when they moved here, much to my surprise you can imagine!"

Ailis never again bothered her father about his family, but instead pretended she was like him, weilding a powerful weapon and fighting against the evils of the undead.

Shortly after learning of her father's legacy, Ailis finally was given a few weeks to enjoy something most children should: the company of a friend. A group of mercenaries arived in their humble village and borded at their small inn, taking up all of it's vacant rooms (that were hardly ever used).


Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit

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