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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Faction The Hand of Argus
Health Not great, on account of being dead.
Level N/A
Status Deceased
Location Ammen Vale


Alahnna was born on Argus, and spent much of her youth training as a mage, a few short years before the arrival of Sargeras she married her long time partner Ormel.

Following the corruption of the Eredar, Alahnna turned away from the Arcane magic she had studied for so long and began training among those who wielded the new gifts the now Draenei had been given by their Naaru benefactors, she trained and mastered the art of combat and healing using the Holy Light.

By the time the Draenei reached Draenor, she was an Exarch and her husbands direct superior. After it was decided that the Legion had lost their trail, Alahnna bore a daughter who was to be named Elani. The family lived a peaceful existance for many years until the purge, commited against the Draenei by the corrupted Orcs.

ALahnna served as one of the many section leaders in the siege of shattrath, surviving the battle and escaping to Telredor, she was forced to break the news of Ormel's apparent death to Elani, over a week later more surivors arrived to Telredor, carrying with them a broken and battered Ormel.

Alahnna and her daughter who had spent most of her life training as an anchroite, spent the few months that followed healing Ormel from his near crippled state.

Alahnna participated in the siege of Tempest keep, she surived the crash of the Exodar but was killed in a Blood elf ambush while she was searching for Elani with Ormel on Azuremyst isle.

She was buried in Ammen Vale. Her grave regularly tended by both Ormel and Elani.

A lasting impressionEdit

Despite his having taken other partners since her death, Ormel has never recovered from the loss of his beloved wife, still haunted by nightmares of her death. He waits patiently for the day they are reunited, after he is taken by the Light.

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