Name and Title Edit

Baron Alexander Nikolaivich Vaikin

The Grey Lynx of Lordaeron

The Butcher

Appearance Edit


What evil lurks in the heart of Dalaran?

The sharp, angular lines of this tall man's face, and the point to his ears hint at non-human ancestry. His pallor, pronounced cheekbones and frequent coughing fits outright declare that he is ill. In contrast to this sickly appearance, his clothes are spectacularly well-tailored and well-kept, a steel-headed cane supporting the man's body.

Race and Class Edit

Half-Elf Death Knight.

Guild Edit

None IC.

Occupation Edit

Former Doctor of Surgery at Dalaran Trauma. Brief stint as a watchmaker.

Family Edit

Nikolai Vaikin, Father (Deceased) Marianna Vaikin, Mother (Deceased) Vanadus Vaikin, Brother (Deceased)

Background Edit

Coming Soon.

Family Background Edit

Excerpt from 'Lineages and Bloodlines of Northern Lordaeron', by Michael Larse

"...Of the Vaikin family, there is much to say - as they are a diverse and fascinating lot - we have discussed their... Effects upon the other families in the area, previously in the book. However, let us tackle this fascinating family directly. Of their ancient progenitor, Alheim Vaikin, of the Azotha, little can be said - the details have been lost to time. But what can be said is that the man was beyond brutal, a consummate warlord - he exterminated bandit armies by the dozen in the days of Dalaran's founding. This tradition has lived on in their descendants - indeed, as if it were a pastime for the Vaikin family.

Steeped in tradition, the family has made its ancestral home in Northern Lordaeron for centuries. Their land, which has never been annexed by any king - indeed, King Terenas was forced to acknowledge Nikolai Vaikin's claim for Barony - is occupied by a manor-house of ancient, elven construction, where the living and the dead of the Vaikin line coexist. Their heraldy, the Grey Lynx surrounded by a wreath of thorns, is proudly displayed on banners and shields. It is clear that they are a race of half-breeds; some simply manifest pointed ears, but others go as far as the glowing blue eyes of the High Elves. In modern nights, they have made a name as men of wealth and craft - surgeons, captains of trade ships, owners of banks.

Now, let us discuss the family tree itself, and in so doing, understand why the Vaikin family has such a grisly reputation..."

Criminal Record Edit

Few incidents of assault and vandalism during the stay in Dalaran, fined appropriately. One instance of Failing to Provide a Service; exonerated. Since his return from Lordaeron, no recorded offenses.

Other Notes Edit

None of this information is provided to you in character, without prior authorisation.

Alexander is always wearing glasses if he is dressed formally, and a mask if he is wearing armour.