Alexus Vigil-Zatahl Edit

Alexus Zatahl is a Argent Crusader and true paladin of the light, never turning her back on those who need help and fighting the dark evils of the Scourge has given her the title Argent Champion. Keeping her faith and hope close to her she fights for what little hope Azeroth has left in bring The Lich King to his knees and protecting her family also.

Alexus is a highly skilled warrior of the light combining her vast knowledge of the holy magic coursing though her veins, while also mastering most combat weapons. Her talent for combat come from the mass amount of training she received at a young age from her father and mother. While not as quick as a lighter armor user Alexus adaptively watches her opponent for weaknesses often moving to a move defensive approach to combat.

Name Edit

Alexus "Aeariel" Vigil-Zatahl

Age Edit

112 years ( mid to late Thirties in a Sin'Dorei lifetime)

Race and Class Edit

Blood elf paladin


Alexus Zatahl image

Alexus Zatahl

Under Construction

Occupation Edit

Argent Champion / Crusader and Blood knight Master

Family Edit

Alexus has only one love interest without that person she has sworn to stay alone.

Husband: Elathan En'thalas

Past Partners: Geis Archrion

Sons: Kyoto Archrion.

Daughters: Xai Archrion/Greatwind, Mialee Katarznia Zatahl.

Son-in-law: Crimson Greatwind.

Father: Lithanial Zatahl ((deceased))

Mother: Aeariel Vigil Zatahl

Brother: Lifarion Zatahl ((deceased))

Grand-father: Alaister Vigil

Background Edit

Family Background Edit

Criminal Record

No Criminal Record at this point in time.

Alignment Edit

Lawfully good

Personal Notes Edit

Alexus' Theme song

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