Alizebeth Nova
Alizebeth Nova
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Health Quite a bit
Level Up there somewhere
Status Important
Location Silvermoon


Leading a secure life, sheltered by her family within the walls of Silvermoon, Alizebeth had very little to worry about. She is the offspring of a noble family, her parents, capable and potent magisters; they educated their daughter in such a manner as well.

Her father participated as an active member of the former Alliance and was often called into service, even more so with the coming of the war. Her mother remained in Silvermoon, tending a shop that served the citizens with arcane goods, where Alizebeth helped as an apprentice enchanter.

While she has the same magical affinity as her kin, Alizebeth cared very little for a life an an arcane wielder. Instead, she hoped to one day continue her mother's business.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way she had hoped. The Third War brought the abominable Scourge to within her city's walls and and with it, a wave of death and destruction swept away practically everything Alizebeth knew and cared for. Having just received the word of her father's demise, she had to face her mother's death as well as she desperately tried to defend her only daughter.

Traumatized and frozen with fear, Alizebeth was left for dead within the ruins of the fallen city.

She was eventually found but, according to her, what she used to be died then and there. During her recovery, it was obvious she had turned her fears into hate, her desperation into a deep-seated anger and determination for bitter vengeance.

Alizebeth turned to the order of the Blood Knights and, unwilling to take no for an answer, she started her apprenticeship and quickly climbed the ranks. Throughout her training, she appeared hot-tempered, impatient and overly ruthless, which did not earn her the love of her fellow Blood Knights. Her iron discipline, zeal and unbending determination commanded the proper respect from her peers and masters, on the other hand.

She was widely considered as a blunt weapon, without subtleties, but trusted to get the job done no matter what it takes. It is also for these reasons that, despite being a capable leader, she almost never commands a squad of knights for long periods of time.

With the betrayal of Kael'thas and even more recently, the joining of the Death Knights, which she loathes with a passion, in her "Horde", she relinquished her active role in the Blood Knight Order in favor of the pursuit of her own goals.

Her current whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it, she met a quick and rather meaningless end in the icy north.


There is little that sets her apart from others of her kin. She is of medium height and has a fair build. Her hair, fiery red and flowing loosely over her shoulders, is adorned by a single, matching ribbon and a rather colorful, even childish hairpin (resembling a ladybug or something similar). The tip of her right ear has the tendency to droop a little, possibly the result of an injury. Her bright green eyes, accentuated by her long brows, often regard her surroundings with a frowning thought. The thin line of her lips pressed together rarely shows a smile, and when they do, it's quick and faint.

Her voice sounds clear and makes little attempt at hiding what she's feeling while dealing with others, often adding a trace of sarcasm, anger or annoyance to her words.

Whatever she wears, it always sits perfectly, be it an armor or a dress. Her armor is always well maintained and barely shows any wear from battle and seems custom tailored to her needs. Light yet sturdy and doesn't seem to hinder her movement much.

The same goes for her warhorse which has taken a habit to looking as menacing as possible.


Fall Raystealer


"I'm unscrupulous. I don't care."

"No, you are not worthy."



Afraid of fish.

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