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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Faction Horde
Health Perfectly healthy, aside from the decomposing
Level 80
Status Active
Location Varies

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Like most of his kind, Alsuras' body is in terrible condition, mostly rotten away. He is quite short even when standing up straight, though his back is constantly hunched. can often be found rummaging around inside his own body for things he stores in his exposed ribcage.

His lower jaw is missing and his ability to speak is a result of some early experiments in his magical training, having grown tired of carrying a chalk board around his neck.

In terms of personality, Alsuras is completely and utterly insane. Filled with utter loathing for more or less every single person he meets, his personality can change in a heartbeat, from excitable and rambling, harmless madness. To his more lucid, calm and dangerous moments. When his thoughts are clear, there is a cruel genius to be found. A master of manipulation, and boundlessly cruel.

His sole aim in life is to further increase his power, both magically and politically, and to use that power to crush any who stand against the Horde.

Eats out of habit, preffering to consume fallen foes. Has revealed to his leader that he does this not out of any particular need or desire to eat, but to disgust and repulse those who would fight him.


Alsuras is a member of *The Sunfire Vanguard


Formerly a subject of Lordaeron, Alsuras recalls or chooses to recall little to nothing of his life, after he was killed and risen as one of the scourge he spent a long time killing and destroying in the name of his master. When the Forsaken were freed from his grasp, Alsuras was among them, the combined trauma of his death, and his release along with the memories that accompanied was too much and his mind snapped.

Seeking to re-integrate himself with his former people he travelled to Stormwind and narrowly escaped with his life when the guards attempted to kill him despite his protests and insistence that he was not one of the scourge.

Months of lonely travelling later he stumbled across a lone mage in Duskwood, and promptly murdered him, stealing his robes staff and notes, Alsuras began to learn the art of magic.

As time went on Alsuras found himself mastering more and more magical powers, raiding alliance towns and setting buildings alight before fleeing into the darkness.

Eventually he happened upon a group of Horde soldiers and curious of these people, approached them. They welcomed him like a brother and took him to a nearby camp. Where he learned of the Forsaken and how the Horde had taken them in. Unable to believe his good fortune, Alsuras joined them in their travels.

Many months later he found his way to Kalimdor, and after arriving at Razor hill found himself at a rather large gathering of infuential members of the Horde. After overhearing a conversation betweeen two groups debating the war in Ashenvale. Alsuras promply swore loyalty to Nazthril of Storm and Ruin after hearing his desire to conquer Ashenvale for the Horde.

Following the  departure of Nazthril and the subsequent collapse of Storm and Ruin, Alsuras found his way into the company of the Blood Elven Sunfire Vanguard.

Here he serves happily in the war against the Lich King, forever seeking new and creative ways to tease and torment his living allies. While at the same time secretly working towards a goal only a true madman would aspire to.


*I'll do it, I was an artist when I was alive.*

*Trust me, I was doctor in life you know.*

*I was a farmer once, back when I was alive.*

*Oh pfft, poisoning food is too simple, and over done. If I were to poison you my good man, I would sprinkle a fine poisonous powder onto your bedding, for you to inhale as you sleep.*

  • I will ascend to the heavens my friend, and I will illuminate the shadow, put out the Light, defile Elune, and slaughter all who oppose me. I commit these attrocities not for myself, but so I can aid the Horde, as a god.*


 * Alsuras has recently developed a loathing of rats and will dash off mid sentence to kill them, should he spot one.

  • He enjoys meddling in the affairs of the living, mostly to watch them experience emotions he no longer feels or understands.
  • His closest friend is *Thracen Valantir, and on the rare occasions he feels guilt, it generally has something to do with causing trouble for him. He as also developed a fondness for the little mercenary, Lueianna Amalas
  • Genuinely believes that his acts of malice and cruelty are all for the greater good of the Horde.
  • Alsuras enjoys watching people sleep, claiming it fascinates him to see people perform something so simple yet so beyond his capability, those he watches are generally completely unaware of this.
  • He likes to lick people on a first meeting, to get a taste of them, though mostly to horrify and annoy. This is rarely a welcome gesture.

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