Another mission the powers have called me away, another time to carry the colors again,
My motivation an oath I've sworn to defend, to win the honor of coming back home again.
No explanation will matter after we begin, unlock the dark destroyer that's buried within,
My true vocation and now my unfortunate friend, you will discover a war you're unable to win

I'll have you know, that I've become Indestructible
Determination that is incorruptible, from the other side a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable, every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're aliveI'm an indestructible. Master of war

-Disturbed - Indestructible

''Our noble city was laid to ruin by the restless dead, the 'Promised Land' was nothing more than a hellish waste infected with legion scum. If you still believe this is about Honour and Glory, then you are a deluded half-wit. This is war, we don't fight for nobility and honour. We fight to survive.

--Alyxandria A'lorai

Titlebio2 Alyxandria Aurora A'lorai

  • Race: Sin'dorei
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Birth Place: Silvermoon City
  • Home: On Post. She also own a small Apartment in Ogrimmar she rarely uses.
  • Occupation: Captain of the Sunfire Vanguard
  • Hobbies: Cooking, fishing, reading, training.
  • Family: Elion A'lorai (Father-Deceased), Melira A'lorai (Mother-Alive), Aearien A'lorai (Brother-Alive)



  • Height: 5'7" (165cm)
  • Weight/Build: Lower side of average, slim and tone.
  • Clothing: When not in her armour, Alyx's casual wear is usually shirts, trousers and the occasional dress, all look as if they would have been rather classy and elegant in their time, which was apparently many years ago, now.
  • Health: Good, save the occasional limping on her right leg and her fondness for Burborn.
  • Jewelery: A long, fine silver chain holding a small silver key, tucked under her armour.

Alyxandria stands 5 foot and 7 inches tall with a slender build. Her body walking the line between woman and soldier, slim and softly curved though lacking the soft fleshy touch of a noble woman, instead her pale skin is firm and toned, showing faint outlines of muscle structure. Her visage has the potential to be beautiful, with the high cheekbones of the noble classes, a small straight nose and sharp almond shaped eyes, sadly however it is ruined by her permanent cold, emotionless and rather lifeless expression. Often appearing distant and hostile her sharp, edgy, fel-jade eyes dart around her, usually moving more than her lips.

Her long tousled raven-black hair hangs loose over her shoulders, always clean but with little else to be said for in the way of care of adornment, her face is similarly void of make-up, and overall, one could assess her appearance is kept up to Standard at best, aiming for satisfactory and no more. She moves with an obvious natural grace, caught inside the confines of training, her pace having the faint hint of a march to it.

She has a small scattering of scars here and there, nothing of great importance or noteworthy. She carries little with her, her armour and blade along with her backpack containing her bedroll, rations, army knife and other requirements. The only items she carries in way of 'personal possessions' are a tattered old History book with a Pressed Crimson Locus tucked inside, which is kept inside a small ornately carved wooden lock-box and her battered, once-silver hip-flask, the engraving along the bottom barely visible having seen long months of war in the North.

Her armour is adorned with several marks of honor, burned and etched into it's surface, these are the Sunflare, showing her membership within the Vanguard, and her Phoenix wings, dictating her Captaincy. She also has a web etches into her Gauntlet, showing her serve in the Ghostlands and a human skull on her right shoulder, marking her good standing with the Argent Crusade.

I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.

- Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird




Mr and Mrs A'lorai

'' What do you want to be when you grow up?''

Alyxandria turned to look at the boy as he spoke, seeing only his tousled purple-black hair, his gaze on the sky above them.

'' I Don't know, Varath. Just me, I guess. What about you?''

'' I want to explore. Find a real adventure someplace.''

'' Take me with you?''

Two small hands clasped atop the soft woodland grass and two small pairs of eyes turned to the softly shimmering enchanted sky above them.

'' Always.''

Elion and Melira A'lorai had done very well for themselves. Elion had earned himself a sizable wealth and good reputation as a craftsman, reliable and respected he'd built his name from nothing to one of the most known and trusted merchants in Silvermoon. He'd married a beautiful noble-woman, Melira, and bought a small, modest estate in the city, where they planned to start a family. When Melira fell pregnant they discovered she was to have not one infant but two, twins. As rare as this is among the Elven race whispers arose and although nothing was ever officially stated, rumor had it that these two were destined for great things. Despite this the twins Alyxandria and Aearien had a very happy home and relaxed upbringing. Far from the top of Silvermoon's wealth ladder and a good shot from the bottom also, meant they had tutors provided for them, nor were they ever short on food or clothing, and they escaped the pressure to follow certain careers or footprints, given the freedom to make their own paths and choices.


The troubles of the outside world meant nothing to the twins and their best friend Varath Sindarion, their sun-lit days were long and warm in the almost endless summer of the Eversong. That a world existed outside their woods was a foreign thought pushed to the back of their minds, their time spent exploring the woodland, fishing, swimming and playing at being soldiers. There comes a day however when childhood must end.


Elion was aging, his hair, once rich, dark black, had over the years faded to a wispy silver-grey, swept back from his face. His eyes, starting to crease softly in the corners with laughter lines, turned from his window to meet his daughter, as she stood before his desk, her hands folded neatly by the small of her back. His breath tugged in his throat as it always did, his little girl stood before him, almost a woman, and that is of course, why they meet this morning.''My little love, I have found you a suitor, should you agree of course.''

And so it was set, the houses of Sindarion and A'lorai were to merge, Varath and Alyxandria were to be wed. Neither expressed any notable pleasure over the fact, Varath, in doubt as to how this would interfere with his plans, studies and travel didn't take to the idea, and Alyxandria simply kept her head down and got on with it, never admitting she was secretly pleased. Aearien on the other hand could not be talked or bribed into settling down. As plans came through and the day moved closer, excitement built, however the day never never came. What did come was much worse. Eyeofthestorm3

They came from the south, the army of dead, their every footstep leaving a permanent scar on Elven land. The darkest hour of the Elven race fell upon the land and in their time of need they reached out to their human allies to the south only to find their pleas fell on deaf ears, they had been betrayed and the armies of Silvermoon stood alone, rangers, magisters and soldiers working side by side in a futile effort to fight back the swarms, outnumbers hundreds to one, thousands fell, paying a debt in blood for our land. Eventually, the forced retreat fell back to hold Sunstrider Isle and the invading Scourge marched North, decimating the city in their path as they struck out toward the Sunwell. The dark evil of their deeds clashing with the pure magic of the well itself caused the magnificent magical artifact to fall into chaos and destruction, the explosion shook the land to it’s very core. The thundering noise ripped across the sky, the earth itself shook with effort and every head of every survivor on Sunstrider Isle turned Northward in fear. Our tale is that of a Sindorei and as such it begins as many of its kin do, with tragedy and loss, for our people were born of betrayal and war, but more than this they were born of remembrance and hope. Hope that they may build a tomorrow that surpasses today and once again restore the power and glory of their people.


We begin on a day written in many books and recounted in a hundred different versions, a day I’m sure many of you remember and if your young heart is not burdened in memory of the bloodshed, I’m sure you have heard countless tales. The day the Sunwell fell. The day Arthas and his armies of restless dead marched on Quel’Thalas, seeking our glorious Sunwell for his own twisted use. The day that made heroes of Elves, and betrayers of Men.

Among those survivors stood Melira and her children, fearing not only for their own lives but for that of Elion, who's insisted on aiding the fight. They would later find out that he was one of the many who's blood now soaked the enchanted soil of the woods. Their wealth was gone, their status meant nothing, mother and children were just another three grieving elves, struggling and scraping to get by in what was left of their city.

Their mother choose to stay, rather than travel with Keal'thas. Not wanting to leave her husbands memory behind, and they got by for a year or two until the twins came of age. By this time the new Order had been set up by Lady Laidrian. The Blood Knights, trained specifically to butcher Scourge, the saviors of the Sin'dorei. Her Brother joined of vengeance and retribution, Alyx join of necessity, She needed to do something. They family needed money, and more than this in her eyes she saw the Elven race as needing to act. She saw them as needing an army to defend against such things happening again. She saw the Order as a needed entity and a tidy escape from an uncertain future.

So they trained and they fought and they were good at it. Not the best, but good. It was a struggle, Alyx was not built to wear plate but she learned, she adapted. Her brother often besting her, not through a greatly better skill but he had a fury in battle she did not, and it was his end. His hotheaded recklessness lead him to a harsh encounter with a powerful necromancer, who through process of some variation of Fearing spell caused the boy to lose his mind, he was silently and subtly removed from service. His mind was broken, lost in part reality part delusions, he lost focus of what was real and what wasn't. Unable to fight, not knowing if a foe was real or not or if a figure was an ally or enemy, he was a bigger danger than benefit, needing constant care he returned home and their mother took up post as his nurse. Her bother had been incredible, with a keen wit, high intellect, a boyish handsomeness and unending charm, he was impossible not to love, and now he needed constant care, living in a realm of half reality, half delusion he no longer recognized anyone or anything. Not even his beloved twin.


With her beloved twin, who used to know every secret she had, now unable to remember her name. Who more often than not starts screaming about scourge invaders when she enters the room, She cracked, and she ran.

She requested transfer to the Argent Dawn for 'personal reasons'. Knowing why she was making the request, the Order allowed this move, placing Alyxandria on a status of leave, and posting her to the southern Plaguelands with the Dawn. She was working with them in the Plaguelands for some time before they joined with the Silver Hand and became the Argent Crusade. Alyx being weak, selfish and desperate to put as much distance between herself and Silvermoon and its looming responsibilities as possible, jumped at the chance to move North with them. Which she did, on the first wave of Crusade Soldier's to advance into the Frozen Wastes. Though she spent a good deal of time with the Argent Crusade and the Dawn before it, she never advanced in rank farther than common soldier. She had lost her drive and will for it, it became her escape from the realities waiting at home rather than a cause for the greater good. This is where she started to grow discontent and disillusioned.

She was uncomfortable. Her stomach was knotted in a bizarre mix of anxiety, fear and nerves causing every muscle in her body to tighten in an attempt not to run from the room, she stood at ease in her own living room, resorting to the military drills hammered into her skull, as she found herself unable to commune a reasonable thought from the chaos in her mind. Her hair hung loose over her shoulders, her onyx and scarlet armour clean and shining softly in the candle light as her eyes, sharp and jade-green bored into the wall across the room, never once turning to her mother.

''I have been transferred to the South, with the Argent Dawn.''

She spoke the words before she'd even thought them through, her tone lifeless and factual, even here, in her own home. It was also a lie, but she could not find it within her to tell her mother the truth, that she had requested it, that she was running away. That she was a coward.

''When will you be back?''

It had taken her mother several moments to form the words that lifted from her lips like a dying woman's last breath. It had been three weeks since the 'Incident', and they had taken their toll on the aging woman, weary and tired it was taking all her strength to stop the tears that threatened her eyes almost constantly these days. She'd lost her husband, not two years ago, now her son, or what remained of him, lay sedated for his own safety in the room above and her only daughter, the only person she had left was leaving, going to war. She swallowed hard, a single drop of salt water slipping past her control and gliding down her cheek.

''I don't know.''


On the surface, they seemed no more than another quintessential group of blood elven soldiers, scholars, warriors and wanderers. Was there some curious stigma being assigned into the Sunfire Vanguard? There was nothing official on record – nothing accessible to the public eye, at least.

Just rumors.

Only a rumour that one of Silvermoon’s newest regiments was formed of those with black marks on their military records, corruption and scandal in their political careers, or some social flaw that has seen them half-exiled from the halls of power. Whether this is true or not, the Sunfire Vanguard attracted its fair share of minor controversy. According to courtly talk and battlefield murmurings, the Vanguard had been brought to heel by the Regent of Silvermoon on several occasions, for both excessive brutality in keeping the peace within the city limits, and failure to comply with superior officers when on campaign in Northrend.

Just rumours, of course.

The Sunfire Vanguard was led by a council of elven commanders and Horde mercenaries who were ultimately answerable to the dictates of their own racial leaders and the Warchief of the Horde himself. It could be argued that the Vanguard was a progressive gesture - reaching out to the other races of the Horde, as the elves offer their own regiments in service to Orgrimmar. That suggestion would hold more weight if the Vanguard wasn't so plagued by ill-repute and dark rumour. Occasionally, noble elven houses out of favor with the current political climate may have found their sons and daughters entered into the ranks of the Sunfire Vanguard rather than a more prestigious regiment, lending credence to the rumours that the Vanguard is a dumping ground for troublemakers and Horde mercenaries that cannot be trusted elsewhere. With their combined achievements, the regiment should have covered itself in glory by now. Instead, it thrived away from the city, maintaining a perfectly admirable display of obedience and valiant action... and yet the rumours don’t cease.


The walls of Icecrown

"We are the exiles, the shamed, and in some cases, merely the unlucky. But we are here because someone must be here, and we fight this war because it must be fought. Mark my words, all of you. We are judged in this life not by the good we do, but the evil we destroy. We shed blood now to ensure that will not be the truth forever. Until then, let it be enough that the sun will rise tomorrow over an unbroken Horde."
-- Thracen Valantir, Bloodwarder of the Sunfire Vanguard

Not every regiment in service to Silvermoon lays claim to a proud history.
Not every soldier of the Sun Throne has served with honour.'
Not every Blood Knight treats power as a gift.

When Alyxandria's behavior deteriorated to such a degree that the Crusade were forced to send word back to the Order they recalled her and repositioned her as one of the Captains of the Sunfire Vanguard, 18th Division of Silvermoon, due to her previous experience in Northrend. It was within the Vanguard that she met Nomair, the only person she'd met in years who saw past the cold and ruthless appearance and the only one with the power to make her smile, laugh and actually relax. Having lost a love once before Alyx was reluctant to love again, but despite herself over the months spent in Northrend, Nomair managed to batter past her hard shell, and although nothing ever happened between them she felt close to him, and him her, their love was unspoken and neither acted on it but it was there. She did not know it at the time but she would live to regret her inaction.

They advanced through Northrend to Icecrown, it was here however things went wrong. Alyx's discontent and dying motivation growing fast, she found herself drinking more and more to keep these things at bay.Constantly assigned to the most impossible tasks in what some rumoured as being Silvermoon's way of trying to get rid of them quietly and neatly, they grew well versed in fighting against the odds, and they succeeded, carving a path through Northrend as they headed for Icecrown, despite this however, on reaching the Lich King's realm they faced their most daunting task yet, front-line on a charge to take one of the huge saronite walls, a suicide mission. Only four of the 20 lived to see the dawn.

Three weeks she spent in the Crusade's infirmary, healing, until the call came from Silvermoon, as she knew it would. For the first time in almost six years Alyxandria returned to Silvermoon to face the music. Reguardless of her 'decorated' record, medals for courage, bravery and endurance under heavy opposition, stacked along-side the Sunfire's many, often chancey, victories, it was apparent her flaws and failings could no longer be ignored. She was a good soldier, but her attitude, her manner and her behaviour had being growing streadily worse over the years, black marks tolling up from offences of drinking, brawlnig and disreguard for superiors, and now, 16 men, almost her entire unit lay dead, for a Captain this proved a career ending blow. On arriving to Silvermoon, in her battlearmour, still covered in filth and gore from the Wastes, making little to no attempt to impress, Bloodvalor eventually broke, having given her ample chances in the past now came the ultimatium. Shape up or get out.

In unision with this, she was demoted, dropping back to the level of Initate and reposted within the Blood Knight City Guard, deemed no longer fit for the battlefeild and assigned close to home where an eye could be kept on her. Though she has no evidence of it, Alyx firmly believes part of this decision was a punishment, City Guard being the one duty she loaths above all others. Insulted, demoted, chastised and threatened, Alyx joined the 21st Division, the City Guard. Within the hour she'd found herself a bottle of Burborn to ease her fustration and fury over the matter.

It was only a few months later that due to 'personal reasons', she refused to explain, she demanded and pleaded for reassignement, anywhere, luckily for her, the Vanguard was once again reforming after it's losses in Icecrown. She served with them for a further six months, or more, and saw out their campaign in Outlands to the end before the Vanguard was recalled, no farther need seen for the unit and Alyx now finds herself dwellnig once more within the city walls.

The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next. - Mignon McLaughlin'



Alyxandria A'lorai

  • Alyx after doing some work with the Orc's on her Time-off, holds a good reputation within the city of Ogrimmar, and has been granted a Dire Wolf, one of their warrior mounts, which she called Aeari, and goes no where without.
  • Alyx's military record with the Crusade is littered with 'Black Marks' ranging in severity and eventually leading to her termination or service with them.
  • Alyx has a short and hot temper. Especially with Human's, see the above Black Marks.
  • She hated Necromancers with a passion. Seeing one on the battlefield she will go into a rampage until it is dead, often breaking ranks, see the above Black Marks.
  • Though she will never admit it to anyone, secretly, deep, deep down Alyx would like to be a hero.
  • Has a great dislike of all Death Knights, though she attempts to remain 'Tolerant' to their presence.
  • Again, though she has never nor will never admit it, she did want to marry Varath. She is not sure if this is still as potent as it was considering his current, annoying accompaniment of Demons.
  • Alyx's current Guild Leader believes the only thing Alyx could teach an Apprentice is how to down 4 flagons of mead in under a minute.
  • Alyx will deny the accusation that she is an alcoholic.
  • She believes, and rightly so, that she has a reputation for being a cold-hearted bitch. A reputation she tries to uphold. The only thing's known to be able to break said 'Aura', are great deal's of Rum, and Nomair's silly charm.
  • Though few know it Alyx is an able fisher-woman and an exceptional cook.

Theme SongsEdit

Poets of Fall - Locking up the Sun: [1]

Disturbed - Indestructable: [2]

Disturbed - Sacred Lie: [3]



Aearien and Alyxandria A'lorai


A'lorai Family, Pre-War

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