Amie Farvwynn
Amie wiki
Casual Amie
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Faction Horde
Health not good
Level 27
Status Alive
Location Silvermoon

Life StoryEdit

Amie never started out with a good life, though is slightly better than her past at the moment in time.. Amie’s mother had given birth to her, but gave her into slavery before soon after dying. Amie grew over time, being passed onto various slavers. When she was in her young teens, she started getting beaten and raped by the slavers, she then gave birth one day to a daughter, being only still young herself. One night the slaver told Amie he would take the baby to get it a real mother, when that night, Amie snuck downstairs. Only to hear the screams and cries of a baby and watching it burn in the fire. Her heart shattered, her mind breaking mentally. A few years later she’d slowly recovered some, a new slaver had taken her in, he wasn’t as brutal as most, but he was weird, to say the least. He had an obsession with worgens, a bad one indeed, he’d use slaves as experiments, to try and create a worgen, always to go wrong, it left Amie with a mutant form that appears when her bad emotions are at their worst, making her turn and attack anything moving in her sight. A few years later she was passed onto Keldente, who in turn gave her beatings and far worse stuff. She fell in love with a young elf, Keldente was furious by this and killed him. This broke Amie even more, she felt weaker, and in turn stayed close to Keldente so he wouldn’t hurt her... much. In time, he seemed to grow softer, or so it looked in Amie’s eyes, she became blinded by love for him, doing anything to keep him out of trouble, lieing for him, she got pregnant with their son Darius Dawnblade, Although almost loosing him after Keldente raged out and threw her against a building. Things got tough for both of them, people wanted them punished or to die, in Amie’s eyes it made them closer, her love growing stronger. Only for the current days after he left her, cheated on her, rejected her. He beat her and left her for dead, but still she had wanted him more.

Soon after Amie's mental breakdown, she had cute most of her hair off, all messy like, short, she started walking about mumbling things to herself, getting scared if men came near her, usually ending up in a scream and running away. That was then when she met Orromis. Little did they know until a month or so after he started looking after her did they find out she was his daughter. This thrilled Amie and made her feel happy and complete, though this didn't last for long.

Amie once again broke down into a state for various reasons. She'd ran off and dissapared for a long amount of time over this. When she returned after her long period of dissapearance, she was white as snow, her hair kept short, though white, rather than black. Her eyes blue. She was quite quiet at first then the signs of her mental unstableness began to show.

She got quite clingy, feeling the need to be around her family or she felt alone and scared. She went around and if her angry side was triggered by some strnager she'd attack them quickly, which didn't help her. She ended up getting arrested by bloodknights many times. One by the name of Sylvare once locked her up to try and get her 'sorted', though it hurt her very much so. Amie had been tortured by the light from some blood knights during her process.

After a long period of time she got settled again. Then met a young also mentally challenged elf man by the name of Orien. To this day Amie adores him and loves him greatly, baring a child, he helped her get back on track for the most part of her mental ness, helping each other maybe. Amie is always proud to say shes married to Orien.

RECENTLY: Amie's farther Orromis was killed, this has caused Amie great stress and torment so she has recently been getting worse.


See alsoEdit

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(Story Amie, And alittle side note. Would people stop eidting it just to make it look bad! Its freaking annoying!)d since

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