Dom and the Baron

((If you do not like romantic rubbish, this is probably not for you. Although, it is quite different to most of the common romance novels (I think. Never read one actually).

It does give some hints to Dominique as a character, so if you are interested in her background and secrets, you can get some clues here.

The story was originally based on a drawing I did - I may have a thing for the baron *blush* - Which you can see to the right.

Anyway. I would like this to have actually happened IC, but as I do not control Baron Rivendare, and this story would probably conflict with a lot of things. So I will leave it as a dream, from which Dom woke up one night and will probably never quite forget.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it - Dom's puppeteer))

Dominique straitened up and looked around after slaying the last of the skeletal knights. She cleaned the blade carefully with water and dried it with a piece of cloth. The fight had removed most of the green goo from the abominations, but not quite.

Looking up at the building she shivered. She knew what was waiting.. who.... was waiting for her inside. He was expecting her. She knew. Dominique started walking up the stairs. Drawing a second blade she reached the doorway and she paused for a moment before stepping inside. The doors were already open, so she slipped silently through careful not to make a sound. He already knew she was there, she could feel him and he her, but she couldn't help herself. It was how she always moved before a fight. On her way to the nearest dark corner she stole a glance up at him and, forgetting to breathe completely, she froze in place. She had known him before... before all of this. But she was not quite as prepared to see him again as she thought. The first time she saw him, his mere presence was enough to bring her to her knees. He had that effect on people. His aura was much stronger now, he was more powerful in every way. But she had gotten stronger too.

She gripped the hilts of her blades tightly and took a deep breath. As she began to move again, so did he. Rivendare leaned over on his charger without even looking up and dismounted, sending his horse out of the building. "So they sent you now Dominique? You are here for my head I take it." She looked up meeting his piercing stare. Her knuckles turned white as she struggled to keep calm and in control. "You remember my name?" "Of course I remember you Dom" His face turned kind and he seemed to be smiling behind his mask. Dominique straitened up slightly as he slowly walked closer. "How can I forget such a pretty face? ..and you forget... you were promised to me once. Your father and I had an agreement." Dominique snapped out of her trance and stepped back, gritting her teeth slightly as she spoke. "I didn't forget. I'll never forget how you betrayed me and everyone else. How could you let them get to you? You were weak! You are still weak... and I will not let you hurt anyone else...." She quickly threw some flash powder on the ground between them and snug up behind him in the smoke. Dominique was bringing a blade up to the middle of his back, the other moving further upwards, when she suddenly got hit by something. Rivendare turned around unsheathing his own sword, the runes on it glowing faintly. The air was sizzling and from all around skeletons rose out of the mounds of bones in the room. She took a moment to prepare herself before she rushed towards the skeletons behind her, slashing at the ones closest to her, splintering rib cages and skulls. She moved around the room faster than the skeletons could perceive, quickly and gracefully as if she was dancing. Her blades sliced through one skeleton after another till there was none left, but as she turned towards the baron his sword slashed through her armor and made a deep cut in her side. She moved backwards even before she herself realized what was going on and brought up her blades. How could she have missed him. She was keeping at least half her attention on him at all times. How was he so fast? "Impressive. You've improved Dom.. Now let us stop this silly fight and you won't get.." His smug voice got cut short and his eyes widened as she dove at him. She wasn't prepared to wait for him to finish and get ready again. If she was to have any chance of killing him, she would have to take the opportunities given to her. Their fight was violent and rushed. She was slashing at every opening she saw and kept him too busy defending himself to attack her in return. They were a hurricane of blades powered by blood lust and the will to survive. Suddenly though, all too quick and out of nowhere, the fight was over. He was holding her close to him, her weapons were on the floor and something other than his arm seemed to hold her in place. Things seemed to move in and out of focus and the room started spinning. She looked into his eyes and studied his face in search of an answer. His expression puzzled her. It was soft, regretful and.. almost loving, or was that just her imagination. The edges of his face turned fuzzy and she slipped into darkness.

Dominique woke up in another room, most of her armor removed and her torso covered in bandages. She sat up and looked around. The light was dim, but she could still make out the exquisite patterns on the wallpaper. She spotted a door and got up to make her way towards it. Her senses were normally sharper, but after the fight she was weak and she didn't see him standing in the shadows. He caught her arm and pulled her close to her. His voice was soft and filled with wonder. "I hope you do not mind I took the liberty to remove a few items of your clothing, in order to make the bandages a bit more efficient. That is some ability you have there though. I barely needed do more than close the wounds..." "What do you want from me?" She cut him off, sounding not angry, but confused and a little lost. He took a breath and moved in close lowering his voice to a whisper, close to her ear. "It is pretty clear to me now that I cannot ask anything of you. I never could, could I? I can only attempt to keep you from leaving and hope.. that you will come to like it here... hope that you won't leave me again..." He trailed off and moved his free hand up to her cheek, letting his fingertips brush her cheek and move slightly down her neck. His whisper was barely audible, but she still sensed the longing in his voice. "...I do not want anything From you..... I want you."

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