Anarriah Darkrain, the Explorer.

Physical Traits Edit

Screenshot 113

A comparison to her true form.

Anarriah easily is recognized as a Death Knight with her slightly greenish skin and her blue, glowing eyes. She looks quite young to be adventuring and killing stuff and, while a little green and scarred, her face still looks youthful for an undead. Her lips, while already dark due to being dead, look like they're coated with a layer of black lipstick.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome (Blood Elf, really) Death Knight.


Order of the Dark Wrench


Anarriah, even after death, has remained a fanatical engineer and can still mine as she could before.


Anarriah is all alone in the world. Her family was wiped out by the Scourge's attack on Quel'thalas.


Anarriah used to be a Blood Elf (Sin'dorei) but, after the attack on Quel'thalas and the following migration to Human lands, she learned she did not want to follow the Horde (in later times) so she started dabbling in new ways of magic, illusionism. She quickly learned of a spell that would change her into a Gnome, a race wich she had always liked for their knowledge, so she took that chance and chaged herself, storing her true form in an orb.

This went well for a long time before the Scourge returned with a new outbreak of the plague. Anarriah went to investigate and was taken by the Scourge (and killed too). She has since returned as a Death Knight in the service of herself (not Alliance nor Horde), planning to get revenge on Arthas and pick up her life again.

Family BackgroundEdit

Her family, obviously, consisted completely of Elves. They weren't particularly rich but were good at magic so they never had any trouble staying alive. They lead a normal life on the outskirts of Silvermoon untill the Scourge came... After that, Anarriah was the only one left alive.

Criminal RecordEdit

Anarriah lives very much by the rules... At least since the fall of Quel'thalas... Only been arrested for small crimes in the past like minor vandalism... For wich she was found guilty and was punished accordingly.

Personal NotesEdit

Not much here...