CURRENT STATUS: Deceased, lost at the Wrathgate. Edit


Lady Arannia "the Purehearted" Ligh'thas, Paladin of Stormwind

Physical Traits Edit

This young woman has an elven tint upon her, her hair usually done in an elven style, speaking with a slight elven accent. Her armor is well kept, occasionally splattered with smeared blood if she's been fighting, as if she's tried to clean it off briefly.

Her face is young, attractive, she looks at the world with an emotion of concern, and conviction

Race and ClassEdit

Half Elf Paladin


The order of Lordamere (Not yet created)


She is a Paladin of the Light, and thus, is a Knight on the battlefield, a cleanser of ailments to all of her allies, and a bringer of Judgement to all enemies of the Light. Aside from her being a Paladin, she is also an Ex-Engineer (having been banned from it under accusations of giving away Goblin schemata to the Gnomes). Currently, she is practicing her skill in enchanting.

Family Edit


1 Sister, Lai'thela Ligh'thas

1 Mother, Ara'thira Ligh'thas

1 Father, Robert Sternblade

Background Edit

Arannia Ligh'thas was born in Lordaeron to a High Elven Arch Mage mother, and a Human Captain of the Guard father. She was spoilt in her upbringing, got everything she had wanted. However, she also was learned in the Skills of the Arcane by the time she reached adolescense. On her 20th year however.. (Would have resembled a 13 year old human) the Scourge assault on the city began, shortly after Arthas' betrayal.

Arannia was hidden under floorboards while her father and mother fought against the Scourge, until they returned. Unfortunately, that was never to happen, as they both passed away. Arannia lay under the floorboards cowering in fear as the minions of death scratched across the floor above her. Luckily.. they never found her.

Arannia lay there for the best part of a week, approaching death, when she was discovered by a band of soldiers who had entered the city in search of survivors.

Much time after that had passed, until she ended up in Goldshire.. scraping out a living for herself, stealing, and mugging just enough so as to sustain herself.

Luckily (though deemed unfortunate at the time by Arannia), she had chosen her final target badly - A family heirloom belonging to a local Paladin of the Light. She was caught.

The Paladin, however, instead of granting her a merciful Judgement, took pity on her, and took her in as his own, raising her for several years. Eventually, he deemed Arannia worthy of the Light's teachings, and began to train her.

Family BackgroundEdit

Will update eventually

Criminal RecordEdit

1 year of constant stealing and thuggery in Goldshire - Never punished.

Personal NotesEdit

None yet.