Name Edit

Arenea Moonstar

Physical Traits Edit

Well... she has black hair which she hates, she is constantly grumbling about it, though she can't quite bring herself to chop it all off... she is average height for a draenei. She always wears a special pendant given to her by the furbolgs, because she was the first draenei to meet them and learn their language... she is their champion

Race and Class Edit

Draenei shaman.

Guild Edit

In RP terms Arenea doesnt belong to any guild. (She is more of a lone wolf) hehe, wolf... get it? Shaman? Ghost Wolf? No? Oh well...

Occupation Edit

Mining and Jewelcrafting

Family Edit

She has a mother and father (obviously) but they are nothing special. She has twin daughters, Strellakai and Tairan. A sister called Olin and a niece called Afren.

Background Edit

Hates Naga... Was deeply in love with Alaren and cant get over his death. After losing all her family she is close to insanity... her best freind, lusa is the only one who is keeping her from going crazy...

Family Background Edit

Arenea found Alaren in the wreckage of the Exodar. They fell in love and Arenea had twins, Strellakai and Tairan (also know as Kai & Tai)

While Arenea belived them dead, her mother, father and sister, Olin were still very much alive. It is a big mystery as to how Olin and Darenell (a Human) met but anyways they had a child called Afren. When Olin's parents found out they killed Darenell, wiped Olin's memory and took Afren to an orphanage. many years later they meet up and recognise each other... all Olin's memories come back. (By this time Olin and Arenea have met again and their parents have died)

Kauroth the Naga has been causing alot of trouble! Since Arenea's parents and her one love, Alaren have been killed by naga, Arenea despises them. When Her daughter Kai fell in love with Kauroth (don't ask me how it happened... it WASN'T my idea) it broke her heart. She felt betrayed and they have had many arguments on the subject...

Tairan drowned, so now Arenea is all alone...

Criminal Record Edit

None.... yet

Personal Notes Edit


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