Monor Kills Argendor

Argendor, as played by Gaak for the Stormwind Raid event.

About/History Edit

Not much is known about Argendor. He is Monor 'Argendor' Felnor's father but wasn't very devoted to his family. He was studying magical practices or writing and reading books about ancient legends most of the time. But still Monor looked up at him.
At a later date, he was captured and imprisoned for dark magical practices, and Monor swore to do good in his name, and started a paladin training course. He later murdered his teacher and several other students involuntarily - later, at the interrogation he stated not to remember a thing.
Some speculated that he did it unconsciously - to be with his father in jail. However, little did Monor know his father was not held captive simply in jail.

Later, once Argendor was releashed - he gave up his research, realising he had neglected his wife and son. Once he arrived at his old house, the place looked abandoned. Bandits had most likely raided the place. Once he got up stairs he collapsed at the sight of his murdered wife.
When he woke up, after feeling completely alone, he realised he had to save what could still be saved. Aided by his knowledge of the dark, he summoned a massive infernal and stormed the Stormwind jail to break out his son, Monor.
With the infernal keeping the gaurds busy outside, he didn't have much trouble killing the unprepared guards inside, and without much trouble he located Monor and broke him out.
There, he reached for a magical stone in his pocket, a Heartstone, and held Monor close to him. Then, after the sudden appearing of a peculiar bright light, they disappeared.

An emotional reunion between father and son, but it was a bittersweet experience with the news of Monor's dead mother.
But Argendor quickly came with a solution. He told of rumours, that there is a village known as Brill where they conduct research on lifeless bodies, and they knew how to bring one back to life without having to consult a priest (doing so, they would be thrown in jail or excecuted almost immediately, seeing their new list of crimes: Murder of Guards on duty, breaking out, ..), a practice known as 'necromancy'.

Together they travel to Brill, only to be confronted with gloomy skies and thick, rotten-smelling air. They continue nevertheless, and finally arrive in said village. However, it looked abandoned. They noticed too late it was simply a suprise attack, though, and several humans (looking like corpses?) attacked. Monor, unarmed and poorly skilled in close-combat fist fights was quickly taken to the ground, and while the attackers kicked and hit him, Monor could do nothing but watch his father back up, doing practically nothing. Then, the peculiar light came again, and his father was gone.

Short after that, Monor died due to the severe injuries that were inflicted to him.

Having lost all that was dear to him, Argendor had a period of depression and the thought of suicide crossed his mind several times. He retreated underground, in the basement of a deserted building in Stormwind. He conducted much research around necromancy and retrieving souls from the realm of the dead.
Once he heard the rumours around The Essence, and it's leader, 'Monor Argendor Felnor', he was confused as well as suprised. He attempted to contact Monor as quickly as possible, and a mere three weeks later, Stormwind City was under attack. The Essence penetrated their defences - without ease - and eventually Monor found the location described in the letter from someone whom claimed to be his father. He made his way down, and killed his unarmed father without mercy.

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