High up in her secret place in The Undercity, Sorienna spread out the blue prints for the tonks. She ticked off the components she would have to upgrade. Mr Shadowhand had given her a heap of gold to get her work done. But money was not the problem. She would have to build them now if she wanted them ready on time.

This was her first real job, Mistress of Invention. She didn't want to let him down. Not many people would have given her this chance. She knew she behaved like a kid sometimes, but it wasn't her fault her whole family treat her like a baby. Pretty cute Sori. She'd show them she could earn her way, and besides just think of the cool stuff she could build if Mr Shadowhand was paying for it!

She looked up at the wall behind her. To the naked eye there was nothing there. She adjusted the setting on her goggles so that she could see the hidden robots lined up against the wall. She sighed a long deep sigh.

She would need fel blasting powder if she really wanted to impress him. She had none left. Tracking down Mr Hale again might not be easy. She'd not seen Wobblyman since forever and she couldn't just go up to any old warlock and ask him to pull an infernal from the void then kill it. She was in above her head and she knew it.

She grabbed the multi purpose remote control that was hanging from her belt and punched in a code. The robots became visible to the naked eye. She pushed her goggles to the top of her head and took the control panel off the back of the first robot.

"Sorry guys I promise I'll replace it with something better." She told them. With heavy heart she carefully removed the power cores from all of the robots. She recloaked them and returned to her plans. "This better work." She whispered, when she was out of their hearing range.

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