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“For such a long time I had remained ignorant, I had veiled myself from own personal beliefs, and that which Ashwing represent. For such a long time I believed that Ashwing died at the Wrathgate during the hour of the Forsaken filth. For such a long time I mourned its passing, a passing that was merely transitory. For such a long time I neglected to remember what the name Ashwing meant, and what it stands for: Endurance. From these ashes I will forge the dream anew.”

- Sateal Emberheart, Commander of Ashwing

1st GenerationEdit

Ashwing was originally a Scryer investigatory fast assault unit primarily issued to discover and deactivate manabombs being tested across Outland. The two founding members Sateal Emberheart and Ignis Ashwing as well as the same unit under their command for almost a year ensured that the manabomb threat never proceeded past its test phase.

Ultimately Ignis Ashwing was assassinated by Firehawk hands, and the small campaign against the manabomb threat was terminated following as a distraught Sateal and a broken Ashwings return to Shattrath.

2nd Generation Edit

Sateal was quickly named the sole commander of Ashwing by Voren’thal, and was re-tasked to serve as a Scryer agent within Silvermoon under the guise of a blood knight military commander for the new aggressive unit of the Silvermoon army – Ashwing.

For yet another year Sateal and Ashwing were tasked with upsetting the trade routes and economy of the northern Alliance settlements. This tactic ended in the temporary capture of many minor points secretly in the name of Quel’thalas, and Ashwings expansion was finally stopped by a rallying of the Alliance forces to the dwarven fortress of Dun Garok. The reports state that the Alliance sought to strike at Tarren Mill, but the swift mustering of Ashwings defense of the area ensured that the Alliance suffered enough casualties to fail in this attack – similary Ashwing received enough losses to call off their advancement over the Thandol Span into the Wetlands. Shortly thereafter they were recalled to Silvermoon. It has been noted that following their disruptive efforts against the Alliance Ashwing partook in the victory against the Burning Legion during the Blasted War as well as aiding the Shattered Sun Offensive in leading the assault against Kael’thas in the Magisters Terrace.

The war against the Lich King inevitably broke out, and Ashwing was one of the very first sin’dorei units to pass over the North Sea to aid in the war effort. They were tasked with the elimination of the traitorous Darkfallen across Northrend.

Reports indicate that in Northrend Ashwing began to waver from their tasks given to them. Their loyalty to Silvermoon was swiftly brought into question due their efforts in the Warsong Defensive against Paggorn. The unit was evidently ignoring the orders issued from Quel’thalas.

Following the Defensives victory against the Scourge Ashwing then joined the Horde forces to do battle against where it was ultimately crushed by the Forsaken betrayal. It was reported that there was a meager total of three survivors.

3rd Generation - The ConvocationEdit


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