"In the sun's golden hall, I blaze with light. In the moon's shadowed chambers, I beguile the mind. In the firmament, I am the brightest star."

Introduction to the Astromancer Edit

The sun, the moon, and the stars speak to you in the voiceless language of cycles. The natural flow of the seasons tugs at your blood as the tide acts upon the oceans, pushing and pulling with gentle insistence regardless of the storm’s fury, the dragon’s flight, or the antics of otherworldly primordials. Just as the constellations move around the sky in a steady, imperturbable cadence, your spells are strong and unshakable, and tied to energies that can outlast all others.

The path of the Astromancer Edit

Training, abilities, advancement, possibly some philosophy of the class (like a code of conduct). Try to give the class only actual ingame abilities, but add lots of lore and flavour behind them. If the class has abilities beyond what the game engine allows, try to make them purely visual or subtle and weak so that they can't be exploited in RP battles.

Suggested representative classesEdit

  • Mage
  • Druid

Astromancers of the Sha'tar Edit

  • Elisandra Amerial

Roleplaying tips Edit

User comments towards how to best roleplay the class, for example how its member should behave, what would be an appropriate dress code, how to address the member of the class, RP hooks.

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