The Athanatoi were a large RP-PvE guild on The Sha'tar server. Among other things, they were known for the Captured Exarch storyline and the Fish 'n' Bakes. They had a horde splinter guild, the Euthanatoi.

The guild officially disbanded on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009. The rest of the content of this page has not yet been changed to reflect this - please be patient.


The logo carried by Athanatoi tabards and banners.

Leader & Officers Edit

List of Athanatoi Officers Edit

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  • Matriarch (guild leader): Astra
  • Ethnarch (assistant guild leader): Delanae
  • Aeltyr
  • Feren
  • Antares
  • Aynes
  • Cyndahar
  • Isabeau
  • Qialynna
  • Urwen
  • Zelcandor
  • Vadmacska

Description Edit

"Athanatoi is (ancient) Greek for "Undying", "Immortal". Literally translated: "Those who can't die". It is written like "Αθανατοι" This name is some manner of prophecy - and therefore, that the Athanatoi are inexplicably tied to Fate, and the way it runs (as death, or avoidance thereof, is caused and/or related to Fate).

"However, poetic as that is - at the end of the day, the world needs ridding of evil. If this so happens to coincide with our own agenda, then that's useful for all involved."

-Kall, when asked (in-character) to describe the guild

(It ought to be noted that, whilst Kall is an unreliable narrator, that she is the only one so far willing to make a published statement.)

History Edit

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Some of the original roster of this incarnation of the Athanatoi. From left to right: Carrion, Delanae, Qialynna, Kalam, Auldan, Astra, Fortesque, Crystiana, Eamara and Timoteus. Delanae and Astra are still the guild masters of the Athanatoi.


This is not widely-known IC knowledge.

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From, speaking out-of-character:

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The official Athanatoi website

Members with character pages on this Wiki Edit

Only members with character pages on the Wiki are listed - this is not an exhaustive list of every character in the Athanatoi. Not all characters listed here are active. Sorted alphabetically.

This list was more-or-less correct at the time of disbanding on Sunday, 3rd May, 2009.


Athanatoi was disbanded on Sunday, 3rd May, 2009. The GM and second-in-command, who are leaving the EU servers, have kept their characters guilded so that the name cannot be re-used.

The majority of players from Athanatoi rebanded under the name of Immortalis.