Never get between a Wolf and its meal.

The Founding Edit

The Aurora Wolves were originally founded following the disbanding of the Demon hunting order of the Ordo Malleus. Shortly after the disbanding several key members of the former Ordo were contacted by a group of former mercenaries who sought to live out their glory years through a new generation of mercenaries, so it was the Aurora Wolves were founded, and funded by this group who would be known as the Benefactors.

Member Races Edit

The Aurora Wolves recruit from any race of the Alliance, and treat all who fight alongside them as equals, regardless of race or standing.

Aims Edit

As can be expected from mercenaries, the Aurora Wolves goal is simple, earn a living and if possible, a fortune from their work. The individual goals of members varies from a lust for wealth and glory, to a mere desire to live from day to day, earning gold the only way they know how.

The AllianceEdit

Despite their mercenary nature the Aurora Wolves, as a whole are staunchly loyal to the Alliance and throw themselves at conflicts in which the Alliance finds itself caught up in. Preferring to avoid the shadier aspects of mercenary life the Wolves try to earn their keep as honestly as is possible for them to do.

Recruitment Edit

The Aurora Wolves have their doors open to any who would seek to join them.

Mercenary barmen? Edit

The Wolves operate a tavern known as the Howling Wolf from a rented building in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. The tavern exists both to offer a more constant if smaller source of income, and to act as a place where potential contracters will always be able to find a Wolf, should they have a job that requires doing.

More to come

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