Avidra Dawnrose
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
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Status Alive
Location Northrend


Justicar Avidra Falkiri-Dawnrose of Nandaror, Red Dragon-Knight and Hero of the Mag'har

Physical TraitsEdit

Avidra is a typical Blood Elf female, skinny and relatively short. Her skin is smooth and fair, her ears are pierced near the tip and her eyes are bright, but give nothing away of her current feelings. Rarely seen out of her armour which covers her from neck to toe, Avidra wears the tabard of The Illumini Eternia at all times. On her belt is a small pouch which contains various reagents for different spells, as well as a small book of laments and songs heard during her journeys. Her left shoulder-pad is etched with the names of various groups who she has gained high esteem with.

When in the city, she can be seen wearing dresses and robes that maybe don't fit her quite as well as they do the other shapely women in Silvermoon.

In a large sheat on her back, rests Aristrasza's Horn, the sword crafted by the druids at the Cenarion Hold after the death of Aristrasza, Avidra's assigned dragon and a great friend. The gem in the hilt appears to be beating.

Now seen riding either her Raptor which was given as a gift by the Sen'jin trolls or her Hippogryph, found in the Ashenvale forests.

Her natural hair colour is dark red, but she often dyes it black black.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Paladin


Formerly of Nandaror

Currently leading The Illumini Eternia


Avidra is a high level miner ((450)) and also an Engineer ((450)). She enjoys tinkering with her equipment to make it more durable or useable, but admits she's not great. Her greatest contraption is her goggles which she equips when travelling.


Thraice Dawnrose (Father, Deceased) Naina Dawnrose (Mother, Deceased) Taneis Dawnrose (Sister) Carliana Falkiri (ex-Wife) Mirr Dawnrose (Adopted Daughter) Elinne Dawnrose (Adopted Daughter)


Brought up by Thraice and Naina Dawnrose, a Knight of the Silver Hand and a Priest of Lordaeron respectively. Her father was often out on duty, travelling the Eastern Kingdoms. Avidra, Taneis and Naina would often travel with him to the city nearest where he would be fighting. Before the fall of Lordaeron, she visited Dalaran, Arathi, Stormwind and Ironforge, gaining quite an understanding of human culture. Her childhood was one full of love and happiness for the most part, though she did not get on with many her own age besides her sister and one human girl from Tirisfal.

The happiness had to end, however, when Arthas invaded Quel'Thalas. Her Father and Mother were both slain in the fighting and it was around this time that Taneis was recruited into the army. Avidra, only 23 at the time, was left very much alone in the world. She floated for a while, not sure where to go, the humans would not accept her, she was now a Blood Elf, exiled from the Alliance. Having been trained in the ways of the light by her father, to a small degree, she finally drifted into the ranks of the Blood Knight.

Within the order, she found a mentor and teacher, Kheytor, who trained her to reach her potential, testing her with tough moral questions and regular quests.

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