Azaya is a hard working, polite and generally likeable Draenei barmaid working at The Fishmonger's Wife in Theramore.

Azaya regretted to inform the patron that she in fact did not serve milk...

Name Edit

Azaya of Zangarmarsh

Vital Stats and Physical Traits Edit

Age: Relativly young for her people, but still old enough to have stopped counting!

Height: 7'1"

Like most of her kind, Azaya is a rather attractive Draenei, if a little on the chubby side - only a little! Her blue-grey hair is either up in pig-tails, or flowing down to her shoulders depending on her mood. Her curvatious form is most likely crammed into her trusty Brewfest Dress, or her blue leathers at more casual occasions.

Race and Class Edit

Draenei (Warrior)

Guild Edit

The Fishmonger's Wife

Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Haluaan - Father

Taleeia - Mother (Deceased)

Background Edit

Born in Zangarmarsh on Draenor, the only daughter of a high ranking Vindicator and a devout Priestess, Azaya led a rather sheltered life but one she soon grew to accept. Taleeia - her mother - was easily the more lax of her parents, wishing for her cheerful daughter to follow her calling as a Priestess of the Naaru. Her father, Haluaan, although wishing the same results was wildly overprotective of his only daughter. Not wishing for innocent demeanour and physical purity to be spoilt he went so far as to enlist younger Paladins under his service to chaperone the young girl - a few too many of them soon being recalled from their duties for even so much as glancing at her wrongly.

Azaya2 -small, watermark-

It wasn't hard to realise why she was off balance.

Life continued thus for as long as Azaya cared to remember. Although restricted, she was content, feeling the love her parents shared for her without grudge she lived happily as any Naaru blessed Draenei should. This was until the Burning Legion came. Orcs had left her mushroom homelands reasonably unravaged, but the scores of demons she had only head of in bed-time tales were unrelenting. Her family soon found themselves fleeing, seeking refuge aboard the Naaru vestle, the Exodar. It was on this craft that Azaya's life would begin to change.

The Exodar crashed on Azeroth and in the process Azaya lost her beloved mother. Not wishing to lose the only family her had remaining her father tightened his grip on her life. Whereas she had once been content, Azaya now felt choked and lost. The loss of her mother, her home and now her freedom prooved too much and picking up the blade of her so-called bodygauard as he slept, she crept out into sleeping forests of Azuremyst. From here she began a journey into the new world, meeting many new friends and faces along the way. She found she was no adverse to fighting and although not overly skilled in the art she could hold her own. Nevertheless she was sure it wasn't the life she wanted.

Eventually she stumbeled upon the port-town of Theramore. The relative peace of the walled city relaxed her and since she had first stepped hoof on this new world, she felt she could find a home. Luckily too for her, the local tavern "The Fishmonger's Wife" was looking for staff. After a slow, mistake-laden start she soon became aquainted with her new job as a Barmaid. She was sure her father would disaprove but for now at least, she was content.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit


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