Azgur Copperfist

Physical TraitsEdit

Very rugged looks and getting on a bit for a Dwarf now. Possibly blind in his left eye but he won’t admit it, and he has varying burn marks on him from gadgets exploding in his face or pockets.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf Warrior


Currently Unguilded


Once a service engineer for the alliance war machines, and crafter of explosives, now a full time engineer for business AND pleasure.


His father died a few years ago and he never knew his mother. Azgur has a brother who mainly lives in Ironforge trying to start up business as a weapon smith.


Part of a special unit of the alliance maintaining and repairing Battle equipment for the war effort, he also had training in explosives and crafting guns, which he produced to help in the fighting against the Dark Iron Clan. More recently he has taken his engineering even more seriously and spends a lot of time around Gnomes trying to pick their genius brains for advice and guidance.

Family BackgroundEdit

There’s little known of his history to date, only bits and bobs here and there, Azgur is a Dwarf who likes to live in the present and thinks little about the past. His mother was never known to him and his father was killed in action against the Dark Irons. His brother fights along the Silverwing Sentinels in Warsong Gulch and in his spare time, forges Armour and Weapons which he intends to sell in his own store one day.

Criminal RecordEdit

None to date. Little cautions for upsetting the peace in Ironforge with failed Engineering Ploys.

Personal NotesEdit

Quite partial to ale. Eccentric and curious at times, most certainly a little odd at times, how ever in general he has a positive mindset. Although passive in a friendly argument, can be quite an intimidating foe when crossed.

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