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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Darkspear Troll
Faction Argent
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Although commonly known as "Beansidh" (a name given to her by friends of her mother when still a child, growing up in a fishing village on the shores of Lake Nasferitti), it is quite widely know that this Troll's true name is 'Zing Zillah'.


Zillah's allegiance to the horde is somewhat tenuous, her early experiences with her own peoples having been marred by an absentee father and a mother who struggled on her own to raise the child for many years before being killed in a raid upon the village by Dark Spear menfolk, who pillaged and burned the settlement and then took all of the children - Zillah included - into the hills of Stranglethorn to serve as child soldiers in their war against the Murlocs.

Zillah's own imprisonment came to an end when the tribe she was enslaved to was completely decimated in a badly thought out raid upon the newly arrived human forces of Colonel Kurzon. Zillah survived, but at the expense of her right arm, which was severed bellow the elbow. Her subsequent escape owed much to her ability to tame the wild grey wolf pet that had belonged to the chief of her former captors Xequatak. The wolf protected her until she was able to find safety with the Zandalar tribes people of the far north west. The more enlightened attitude of the Zandalar towards their womenfolk led Zillah, eventually, into the custody of the Troll battlequeen Eva 'Halfhand' Terrodaxia - who recognised the child's evident fighting prowess, and the strong bond she had formed with the powerful wolf (a potent symbol in Zandalar society).

Terrodaxia renamed the wolf 'Niall' which roughly translates as 'Dusk-Ember' in the Zandalar dialect, in honour of the yellow-eyed Dusk-Wolf God of war.

Once Zillah had regrown her severed limb and learnt to shoot with it again, Halfhand took the child with her into the service of the newly formed Argent Dawn - an organisation which the far-sighted Zandalar had recognised as being of crucial importance to the future of Azeroth. There, both Zillah and Halfhand served for many years until the coming of Arthas.


Beansidh's shifting allegiance is a key factor in her personality and trustworthiness. While she has learnt the power to be had in being underestimated, her ability to play the clown is often marred by her own will to show off. As such, she is niether as foolish as she makes out, nor as sharp as she imagines.

It is never clear how strong her bond with the horde is, but she has often let slip deep personal opinions concerning its individual races; professing a strong despisal of the Blood Elves, a distrust for the Undead, and frank pity for the orcs - whom she regards as intelligent but guileless saps, whose faith in 'honour' and 'duty' blind them to the true natures of many of their allies.

Her relationship with her own race is forever broken by her early life experiences, as well as her exposure to Zandalar ways, and her time amongst adventurers from alliance lands, during her service with The Dawn. An interest in the true natures of different peoples and how this makes them behave is, perhaps, one of the more apparent aspectsof Zillah's 'inner life' - if such a thing exists. It is thought likely that she would revert to service with the Argents - or perhaps to some higher cause, dictated by the Zandalars, themselves - at short notice.


Beansidh's main strategy in life is to be seen as a bumbling idiot, and overcome any attack with a sudden counter strike, once an opponent lets their guard down, as a result. As such, her many successes against those she has taken in cause her to believe she is a far more powerful strategist than she truly is. Anyone capable of seeing through her smokescreen will be able to best her with comparrative ease.


Eer, I got a joke fur ya: two zombies is eatin' of a clown - one ah dem sez to da othah, 'Doez dis hwan taste funny, to yoo?'

Ivry fight is a food fight when yoo is a cannibal


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