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Belnema Coble-Brok

Physical Traits Edit

Belnema, a young Gnome, is of average height though she is skinny. She does not look very strong and mostly isn't apart from her shoulders and arms. Belnema rarely takes off her leather armour and if she does she'll always keep on her chest armour and her gloves. She is always seen wearing cloth or leather gloves which aren't fingerless and a shirt which covers her arms. She has bright green eyes and can be seen to have dark brown hair. Scars...hmm...none that can be see except for a small one on the top of her right shoulder where a bullet made a small channel.

She is 35 years old. That's Gnome years not human ones so she's still quite young.

Personal Traits Edit

  • Seirously easy to embarass.
  • Blushs all the time.
  • Can be sarcastic.
  • Not very empathetic, though she does know when to shut up.
  • Intelligent (but so is every Gnome).
  • Messy and unorganised.
  • Where food is concerned it's fuel not pleasure. (Though she's loves biscuits.)
  • Clothes....if she's wearing something nice, Lusa made her wear it.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome, Combat Rogue

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Occupation Edit

Belnema is a Gnomish Engineer, Miner, Inventor and Mercenary though she's having to Engineer things to pay the rent on her room at the moment.

Family Edit

Father: Andras (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

Mother: Sandra (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

Eldest Brother: Magna (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

2nd Eldest Brother: Krob (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

Twin Brother: Butut (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan however has you can see here...F'n'B Disappearance)

Uncle: Tenji (Alive helping run the accouts of a small bar in Theramore)

Aunt: Fenora (Alive helping run the accouts of a small bar in Theramore though she is more of a house wife than anything else)

Cousin: Lusa

Cousin: Kyriss (Presumed Deceased (see Lusa for more information))

Background Edit

Lived with her family in one of the more shady parts of Gnomeregan until the Radioactivity was let out. Taken by her Uncle out of Gnomeregan (losing Butut on the way) she lived with them up until a year ago when she had a very nasty argument with her Uncle and Aunt, left and started adventurnring. Her life was pretty uneventful until she became a wanted crimial in Ironforge (more about that later) and so took up residence in Booty Bay, renting a room.

Family Background Edit

Belnema comes from a blood line of assassins (and of course they were not well known). They also ran a pub (which acted as their cover) called The White Rabbit which catered for the shadier types in Gnomeregan. However not all of Belnema's family were assassins; her Uncle's side of the family disaproved of it in fact but helped run the pub all the same.

The Coble-Broks motto is: Never let go and hang on to what is yours.

The Cocle-Brok Crest 1

The Coble-Brok Crest: Making your problems disappear

Criminal Record Edit

All that is recorded is that she broke one of the Ironforge Guard's nose and then evaded the rest of the guards trying to catch her. They never caught her and so she is a wanted criminal in Ironforge.

(Although she has commited other crimes she was never suspected of them)

Death Edit

Belnema was last known to be going to Booty Bay. A few of her friends became worried when they didn't hear from her (for a very long time) and so asked around the Goblins. It turned out a female Gnome's body had been found floating in the harbor with two stab wounds in it. (One deep into her back and the other cutting the ligaments in the back of her right leg.)

Personal Notes Edit

OOC: If you ever rp with me I am sorry if I respond slowly. It's 'cause I'm really slow at typing.

There is a part of her rp story which I'm trying to work out at the moment. It's related to the back story to Trial and Error and The Mathematician’s Guild but more so to the formentioned guild.

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