Bicor, as drawn by P-3a

Bicor is the bastard son of Lowdan and a particularly unintelligent lady of negotiable affection. His name means "Biscuit" in Gnomish. He is about 15 years old.

Name Edit

Err Bicor Vastrugen, which translates from Gnomish to Common as "Err Biscuit of the Argent Dawn".

Race and Class Edit

Gnome. Mostly.

Although Bicor has a reasonable amount of training as a protection warrior, he is not yet old enough in gnome terms to become an adventurer - or strong enough to compete with anything except a training dummy, or other children his age. He resents this - and turns to using smaller blades to compensate for his lack of strength, slowly teaching himself agility and stealth over brute force as a method of fighting.

Traits Edit

Physical Edit

Has red hair (as a result of Lowdan's black hair and his mother's pink hair) and purple eyes. Has quite pale skin and a few freckles over the brige of his nose. He is 15 years old; this equates in development terms to about the same as a 7 and a half year old human, in emotional terms. Unfortunately, certain factors have accelerated his physical development, throwing him uncomfortably onto the cusp of a slightly precocious puberty.

Luckily for Bicor, he is a gnome. Nobody other than other gnomes is very likely to notice this.


Bicor has inherited his father's (and, presumably, his mother's) charisma, making him charming and cute - in the majority's eyes. He is an extrovert, a loudmouth, painfully truthful in the manner of most boys around that age, and a true believer in the Light and everything it stands for. He also likes biscuits a lot.

The only exception thus discovered to his confidence is the fact that he's easily embarassed around women. The amount of blushing that he does is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing that women around him wear, especially if they're gnomes - in the same way, the amount of talking he does is directly proportional to the amount of clothing women around him wear, to a point. The more women there are, the more pronounced this effect becomes.

Background Edit


Bicor, his name meaning "Biscuit" in Gnomish, was one of several bastard children fathered by Lowdan. His mother was a rather naieve lady of negotiable affection. He and his mother lived in Gnomeregan, along with a couple of younger half-siblings conceived in similar ways.

Bicor's mother's side of the family, who were very rich, were assassinated by Belnema's father and brothers, on commission of Bicor's mother's at-the-time husband. Said husband then divorced her, taking all the money, and leaving Bicor's mother penniless. Thus she turned to a new method of money-making - having no skill herself in other useful trades - and Bicor was one of several accidental results of this new method. She never did quite get the hang of how the whole reproduction thing was meant to be stopped.

Bicor likes biscuits. That's why he's named after them. He likes eating them, making them, making them to give to people, giving them to people, and then eating them himself anyway. He was taught how to make biscuits by Belnema's grandfather, who owned a shop to sell them in Gnomeregan. He was known to them as "the biscuit boy", because he came in once a week to buy biscuits from them with whatever small amount of pocket money his mother had given him.

When the sirens sounded heralding the beginning of what has become known simply as the Gnomeregan Incident, he was at Belnema's grandfather's shop. Belnema's grandfather made sure Bicor got out safe, at the cost of his own life. Bicor was (accidentally, but that doesn't make it a bad thing) reunited with his mother.


Once they had recovered physically from the incident, in Ironforge, his mother sought to travel north to Southshore in an attempt to begin a new life. She believed that Bicor could look after himself in the inn whilst she began work as a mercenary. Unfortunately, as they arrived, Southshore was under attack - he and his mother were captured by the Forsaken, and taken to the Undercity as "hostages". In truth, they were about to become specimens for the Apothecaries.

The Apothecaries used his mother as a test subject, but deemed the younger Bicor useless, as his body chemistry was all wrong - he had yet to go through puberty. They asked Kalsa, who was around at the time, to get rid of him.

She did. She took him to the Argent Dawn, and told them to take him.

Argent DawnEdit

Bicor was 10 years old when he was given to the Dawn as a foundling. They sent him to Stormwind to be taught in a religious school, along with the human orphans. Although he was found unable to wield the Light itself, he was trained in the way of the Holy Warrior nontheless.

When he reached the age of 15, which is the normal age that humans can leave school and become adventurers or apprentices, he chose to go and try and find out who his dad was.


Through sheer charisma and perseverance, he tracked down his father. First, he went to the Stormwind Registry, who claimed to have no records of his, but suggested he try Ironforge. Ironforge pointed him towards Gnomeregan Exiles. Gnomeregan Exiles said Booty Bay; Booty Bay said Ratchet; Ratchet said Everlook; Everlook said K9 but Bicor said "screw that" and decided to go to Gadgetzan instead.

Once he was there, they said that they had a name, but couldn't find the man. Bicor hung around in town for a few weeks before Lowdan turned up for groceries; the two of them were reunited. Kall and Zizzleclank were understandably surprised when Lowdan turned up with an extra person in tow.

Present DayEdit

Bicor currently lives in the same house as Lowdan, Kall and Zizzleclank, as well as the seven (much smaller) children, and one kinda-a-bit-smaller child, who live there. He is in the legal custody of his natural father, Lowdan.

Kall, Lowdan's legitimate wife, doesn't seem to mind Bicor's presence. She admits that he was born, let alone conceived, before Lowdan even met her properly - running out of Gnomeregan together doesn't count, they've decided - and therefore she has no problem with his existance, despite the fact that she disapproves of the idea of prostitution.

Everyone likes Bicor's biscuits. Even Belnema, when she comes to visit...

Personal Notes Edit

Bicor's basically as close as we can currently get to a Gnome Paladin, due to his training and the fact he spent so long (proportionately to the rest of his life) in religious school. In-game, he's represented by a rogue at the moment - this is just to account for the fact that he's so weak at the moment.

If he would have stayed with the Argent Dawn, he would likely have become a squire when the Argent Tournament came. (Un?)luckily, he moved out of school and into a proper family.

Although in fiction he is the bastard child of Lowdan and a lady of negotiable affection, in reality, he is the bastard child of the imaginations of user:Belnema and user:P3a.

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