by Geis Archrion

1AM, Geis sits relaxed in the cart near the Students of Shadow Society in Murder Row, reading through several sheets of documents which was littered with scribbled words which gave information about a number of people he had his eyes on. He was on the last page, what a bore this was..however it had to be done to make sure he knew as much about any possible opponents as he could, even if it wasn't a great deal of information. He reaches the end and packs up the documents, feeling rather disatisfied with what he had read; he sits up on the edge of the cart and looks around at the street below. He hears footsteps below, but doesn't concern himself with them now he knew someone was there, what did concern him was the occasional shuffling of someone trying to conceal their steps..he had learned to pick that up over normal footsteps. He sighs and rotates his wrist slightly, hopping down from the cart quietly and quickly spinning round to the side of it, catching a black cloaked elf off guard as he reaches for his front and in grasping it launches him into the wall.

<grunt>"Arg..ow..alright, alright."

Geis looks at the fairly young dark haired elf blankly, releasing his grip once he recognised his face as being one of the Students of Shadow..but one of those you wish you didn't see.


The boy disgruntally pats down his cloak, shielding his leather armour and weapons from sight. He reaches into the garment and produces a black feather to Geis, who blinks hesitantly at the feather and groans quietly.

"Ugh..ask one of the others."

"I can't get a hold of anyone we want to send..and those available aren't ready for Blacks."

"Tch..I told you I have other commitments."

"Yes...we know, but you can't use that as an excuse all the time..I thought this was what you lived for Geis..?"

Geis frowns a little and pauses, turning to face the lad he tended to see when a job was being issued to him.

"I have many things to live for now, and to do that I'm trying to reduce the amount of times you send me in to die"

The dark haired elf sneers to himself, twirling the feather in his fingers.

"My my, Geis Archrion trying to settle down? There's something no one thought to see in a thousand years."

"Oh, well not with your lifespan at this rate..."


The elf seems to withdraw from his confidence as Geis shoots him a cold glare, he extends the black feather again.

"It's five thousand for this one...and your travel is already arranged.."

Geis pauses again in thought then reaches out to take the black feather with two fingers, examining it for a moment then pokes it into his belt.


"You're being given the Wolfslayer Rifle, and your usual restock of course."

Geis blinks and smirks a little, he did love that gun.

"Ahh, how kind of them."

Geis feels over his current equipment to see how much he would need, not giving the boy a glance who shuffled awkwardly.

"Uhh...well, good luck then.."

The boy creeps off then breaks into a small jog back into the society building. Geis leans against the cart and folds his arms.

"Ugh..another Black Feather, who do they think I am..?"

He stands in silence for a moment before heading off into the building to collect his awaiting gear and target.

Name: Cptn. Dawnmourn, Varathen Age: 87 Height: 6'4" Weight: 211 lbs Occupation: Captain of Shattered Sun Offensive - 7th Scryer Regiment Number: 385121 Place of Birth: Quel'thalas Family: N/A Time in service: 18 Months

Current Known Location: Reclaimed Isle of Quel'Danas Description: Target has blonde hair, usually tied into a ponytail which is visible through his helmet if worn. Uniform follows the standard Shattered Sun Captains Regelia, and is seen equipped with sword and shield, along with bow and extra kni----

Geis sighs and tosses away the documents, he had read enough on his target. He was to kill a Captain in the Shattered Sun Offensive, one who has been serving the Scryers for some time, and was promoted to rank of Captain once SSO was formed. Whilst his actions as Captain towards the war effort is commendable, out of uniform his behaviour was somewhat less elegant. According to intelligence on the island, the man was involved in murdering members of his own regiment during his service on the isle and many manners of operations of questionable legality in order to gain favour with his higher-ups, such as bribery and dealing in illegal substances.

Geis didn't know what the big deal was, murder, drugs, bribery...he was guilty of all these. Yet here was, employed to kill a Captain of the force fighting against the wake of the Legion to the North. Geis looks over the side of the ship he was travelling to the Isle on, starting to see the shape of it come into view. He folds his arms, trying to not to fidgit too much in his travellers cloak; he kept his usual combat equipment plus a little extra, taking with him a long object wrapped in a fabric which he could carry across his back.

Once the boat reached Sun's reach, he disembarked with his head bowed and hood up. He needed to conceal his identity for the time being, seeing as his presence was known on this island, either amongst those not part of the army who help with the advancement, but also among many of the soldiers due to his son also having the rank of Captain in the SSO. He didn't want to complicated things being giving himself away here. He stays blended with the many that disembarked the ship, walking towards the mess hall where food was given out to the soldiers and where they could take a break from their duties.

Sneaking in he sits alone at a table and just listens around him, concentrating hard on the conversations that could be heard throughout the hall, trying to listen out for a keyword that could match the information on Dawnmourn he was looking for. It took several minutes until the name cropped up, fortunately it was only a couple of tables down. He keeps listening to the soldier's converse about their day, and how many times they get to sleep with thier girlfriends when off duty and rumours about their fellow soldiers disappearing and being found days later drowned out at sea.

He was able to figure out that at least one of them was from Dawnmourn's regiment, he looks up to take a good look at the blood elf soldier remembering his face and features before standing up and starting to walk down the rows of tables towards him. He glances behind the elf and spots a congress of Draenei speaking in their own language; he pauses a moment and looks around being able to see a stack of dishes and cutlery on a floating table by the wall. He waits a moment as he fishes out a red gem from his bag, then tries to subtley throw the gem over at the stack of dishes, in order to crack against them and knock the pile over. He pretends to look through his bags and then look up in alarm as the dishes clatter loudly to the floor, also catchign the attention of many in the hall, a number of them standing from their seats including the two he had his eyes on. He creeps forward passing down each side of the tables until he reached them, a scraggly orange haired blood elf on his left, a very large draenei on his right. In a quick hand movement he reaches for the draenei's pouch to open it in an unsubtle manner whislt elbowing the blood elf to catch his attention. As Geis slips his hands away and continues on past the rows of stood up soldiers, the draenei grunts and turns around at feelign a hand on his pouch, seeing a blood elf turn around to look nervously up at him; the draenei scowls and grabs at the blood elf soldier.

"Eh!? What do you think you do!? Trying to steal from me, eh!?" "Eh? Wh-what I-I-I..didn't!" "I felt your hand, now you're nothing but a lying theiving little elf.." "Now..hold on! I didn't do anyth-" "You think just because Scyrer and Aldor are together, we let you get away with dis?"

Geis looks over his shoulder as the two are gathered around by their representing races to back each other up into what shortly becomes a small brawl. Whistles are blown, Commanders yell loudly to the soldiers to get a grip and stand to attention. Soon the two involved are brought to a commander, and are told they were to be brought to their captains. Lucky.

Geis follows the blood elf to his regiment Captain, standing over by some greenery he observes a small regiment of blood elves, and the elf he framed stand before someone lying down in the shade of a building. The elf stands up to tower over the offending elf starting to raises his voice to scold the elf. Geis wears his Deathblow goggles, and zooms in for a closer look of the Captain's face. It looked quite stern, and mature..blonde hair like his description. He smiles slowly and removes the goggles, walking forward to pass by the regiment and his target.

Geis spent his next moment of time observing the Dawnblade forces, it seemed they still kept a heavy hold on part of the island, and a battle was constantly being waged for territory. Geis kneels by a large root of a tree and tries to plan out the next series of events. By the evening he was ready and he prepares a small bag by the tree, walking back over to the SSO controlled buildings. He walks near to the building that he saw the Captain's regiment by, and nods politely to the four guards stood at the etrance as he passed by. Once enough past he sharply turns right to pass around the side of the building, fiddling with the contents of the bag he tosses it into the grass by the wall of the building, continuing to walk forward until he could hide himself again.

*Bang* An explosion rocks the ground and alerts a number of people in the area. Many warriors pour out of the building, the guards look around anxiously for the source of the bang, eventually finding the smoke and smoulding mark on the side of the building. They growl and look around for the one responcible, whilst behind a tree Geis smirks as he begins the next part of his baiting.

Smoke flares suddenly burst from the grass, beginning to cloud over the entire area until visibility was almost gone due to the thickness of smoke. Many SSO begin to cough, waving their hands through the smoke as commanders start throwing orders to Captains, and Captains to recruits. Geis runs quickly towards the Dawnblade camp, keeping by the cover of a tree he draws two throwing daggers, and skillfully aims them both at the throat or head of two Dawnblade Blood Knights. The Marksmen on the balconies of the Dawnblade controlled building become aware of the explosion and smoke from the other side, also spot their fellow members being killed on the spot, they frantically begin firing their arrows at the chaos below. Soon the Shattered sun emerge from the smoke, and come face to face with a squadren of mounted Dawnblade Knights, and a battle between the factions begins. In the meantime Geis sneaks past the camp, avoiding the sight of many of the Dawnblade getting ready to leave their hold to fight the Shattered Sun.

Geis jogs up the rank to the top balcony of the building, creeping behind the archers there and drawing a dagger, swiftly driving it into the back of one of the archers who let out a sharp and gasped cry, stiffening completely. Geis grabs the body of the marksman and turns him to face the next archer who in panic shoots an arrow at Geis from where he stood, only to have it impale his friend's chest who gives out another helpless wail. Geis grunts and throws the body towards the next archer, running after it as they collide and soon Geis' blade was in the elf's neck. The next archer drops his bow and runs to Geis with his melee weapon; Geis brings out his offhand dagger to catch the blade with ease and swing his blades out at the torso of his opponent. His swings leave cuts and gouges at the elf's chest and arms, and he finishes his moves with a deadly stab to the archer's stomach only to rip the dagger out again mercilessly, letting the body sink to the floor.

Below the battle was still going on, although the SSO were beginning to push heavily into the Dawnblade forces. Geis crouches on the balcony and removes the item strapped across his back, removing its cloth cover to reveal a very well made and powerful black rifle. He smiles at being able to use such a fine gun and lays down along the balcony, tucking the rifle into his armpit and pointing it forward in front of him. He looks through the scope and starts to pan the battle below, searching for his target, it wasn't long unil he found the Captain with his blonde hair up in a ponytail, fighting one of the Dawnblade knights, already with a few small wounds. He was fighting confidently and proudly, serving his purpose to defeat the dawnblade and the demons they served. Geis started to think about the man's future should he not pull the trigger, the infinite chain of possibilities the man could accomplish, whether good or bad. Yet this was the end of his time, right here right now, with a single shot.


The noise rings in Geis' ears, watching the bullet zip through the warm evening air and spin perfectly towards its target. The bullet strikes with a splat as it pierces the skull of the Captain, a cloud of red fills his sight and the elf falls to the ground. All of a sudden many SSO soldiers stop what they are doing to go to his aid, checking his wounds trying to find a pulse. They see the head wound and their hearts sink, they had lost the captain who was leading them into a monumental battle, who had disciplined them, praised them, and trained them well.

There is screaming as they seqarch for the sharpshooter, but Geis was already gone from his firing spot; and as the Dawnblade retreat the remaining SSO scout the area thoroughly whislt a medic team tend to the wounded and bring Captain Dawnmourn's body back on a stretcher.


"This is attack out of nowhere and then..for one of our officers to be picked off like this..the odds are..- Oh, Geis Archrion!"

Geis drags the body of a Dawnblade archer towards the Commander of Sun's Reach, tossing down the wolfkiller rifle down with him.

"Found this one running away from that fight over there...carrying this."

The female draenei commander gasps and looks at the dead Dawnblade archer, then the black rifle. Another officer picks it up to inspect it, nodding solemnly.

"Mmh, this looks like the weapon that killed him...strange for a Dawnblade to have it though."

The commander seems to beam at Geis, she was already aquainted with him through his son Zoah Archrion, and now she couldn't be more happy to see him helping on the Isle again.

"Really? Geis, you've done us an invaluable favour by catching this one..too bad he's not alive but I guess that isn't your thing..haha"

Geis gives a friendly smirk and shrugs as she continues.

"We're investigating the death of Captain Dawnmourn some more..but the weapon you've brought us could be the answer. Thank you Mr Archrion."

"Ah, don't mention it..just doing my part."

"Mmhmm, yes. Here, go give this to the quartermaster, i'm sure he'll be more than happy to give you this for your efforts."

Geis smiles and bows politely to the commander.

"My thanks, do say Hi to my son for me."


Geis picks up his things and goes to leave on the next boat to silvermoon, sitting by the side and placing his recently aquired SSO package next to him, which he knew was filled with a cash reward and other generous goods given by the quartermaster. The sea air begins to blow his spiked white hair, and he pulls out the black feather in his belt up to eye level, spinning it between his fingers and watching the shape spin imperfectly, before the the sea wind blows it out of his hand and up into the infinate sky.

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