It is common of Verdauga to ride upon beasts that reflect and honour his ancestors

Verdauga's bear, though in fact it is his brothers who fought much for the Horde. Verdauga himself served the Cenarion Circle more then the Horde but since his brother died the bear passed to him, and although he does not like to ride it he rides it anyway in honour of his war lusting brother. The bear itself was not black all its life, it was taken from Ashenvale from an early age and trained by a hunter as a savage killer. A killer not of the Alliance but of plainstrider and other beasts that were to be eaten. It took many years for its original trainer to be allowed to ride upon it and even then it was used to scout the plains for food. The bear's fur was eventually dyed black when it was retired from hunting. As to many it may be seen as a war bear but it was never used for war until the purging of Outland, when it was ridden briefly by an Orc guard of Grommash Hold in testing of armoured war bears for Horde outriders. Similar bears are now awarded for dedicated soldiers of the Horde but this bear is unique in that it was never bred for the purpose that people see it for today. Blacktongue unfortunately died by eating some poisonous berries, we was replaced by Ulbaz the Mammoth.