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Sin'dorei, Children of the Blood Edit

In order to understand the Sin'dorei, their culture, their physiology, their attitudes we must go back into the mists of time when the Night Elf race were the only Elven humanoids to exist on Azeroth. Within this race two distinct subcultures formed, on the one hand there were the majority of the Kaldorei and on the other were those who possessed abilities and wealth the average Kaldorei lacked, the Night Elves possessing such special knowledge, intelligence, strengths or wealth became increasingly arrogant and haughty; the culmination of this sense of superiority eventually lead these Night Elves to rename themselves "Highborne", or "Quel'dorei"(Children of Noble Birth) Highborne. It was these Highborne Kaldorei who would later become the divergent race known as "High Elves" and it was members of this race that would later don the mantle of "Blood Elf".

The exile of the Highborne Edit

After the events of the War of the Ancients, the surviving Highborne who would not or could not abandon their use of Arcane magic were exiled from Kalimdor by the other caste of Kaldorei who had forsworn and banned the practice of Arcanistry. These exiles lead by Dath'Remar Sunstrider fled to the modern day Eastern Kingdoms where they attemped to settle in modern day Lordaeron establishing the magical kingdom of Quel'thalas. These Highborne were changed physically by their experiences, adopting a diurnal rather than nocturnal sleeping pattern changed their skin from a deep purple hue to a pale Human-hued tone. The use of magic rather than physical strength combined with the hardships of the journey and their burgeoning arcane addiction reduced their physical mass making them shorter, thinner and less muscular than their Kaldorei cousins. The sum total of these changes resulted in the "High Elves" or "Quel'dorei", as distinct in name and practice as they were physically to their ancestors.

For pre-3rd war information on the High Elves see: High Elf

The Third War Edit

It was during the 3rd war that Arthas and his Undead Scourge assailed Quel'thalas, killing Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner and raising her as a Banshee and defiling the Sunwell, the Elves source of arcane power, by using it to resurrect the dead Necromancer "Kel'thuzad" as a Lich. In a last, desperate act the Quel'dorei used the remaining power of the Sunwell to drive back the encroaching Scourge and burnt their beloved forests in an effort to make any victory the Scourge gained a heavily pyhrric one. They then renamed themselves "Sin'dorei" in honour of the fallen.

Lacking the Arcane energies of the Sunwell the surviving Elves fell into magical withdrawl, becoming lethargic, weak and drained, it was then that Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, descendant of Dath'Remar

Sunstrider, returned from Dalaran in order to lead his people through their darkest hour, throwing in their lot with the Alliance the surviving Sin'dorei were treated with contempt by their Human commander General Garithos, a racist to the point of characature, who sent them on repeatedly dangerous missions culminating in a practical suicide mission leaving Kael and his Elves attempting to fight off a massive force of Scourge whilst Garithos withdrew all cavalry, infantry and war machine support. Beset on all sides by the Scourge Kael and the surviving Elves were approached by Lady Vashj and her Naga followers who offered support to the beleagured Elves. Seeing no real choice in the matter, Kael accepted their help and managed to drive back the Scourge, seeing the Naga leave Garithos accused Kael and his followers of treachary and imprisoned him.

Not long after this Kael and his army were released via the intervention of Vashj and her Naga who told him of their master Illidan Stormrage and the possibility that he could provide a cure for the Elves' addiction. Given the choice between letting his people suffer (and possibly die) from their addiction and finding a cure, Kael opted for the latter option and threw in his lot with Illidan, leaving for Outland to serve him along with Vashj.

The Burning Crusade Edit

Distrusted by the Alliance and shunned by their High Elven cousins the Blood Elves used their past affiliation with Sylvanas Windrunner along with their arcane skill and their Paladins (or Blood Knights) created from their ability to syphon light magic from Mu'ru (a Naaru sent to them from Kael to sate their addiciton) to procure a place in the Horde for their race. At first this was nothing more than an alliance of

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Silvermoon City

convenience, the Blood Elves needed to get to outland to rendezvous with Kael'thas and the Horde needed the combat support from the Blood Knights and the extra power of the Blood Elves magic wouldn't go amiss when battling the Alliance and their new Draenei allies, however, as the Elves pressed deeper into Outland it became ever more apparant that their leader was a few arcane dusts short of a ritual of refreshment. After meeting with a renegade faction of Kael's Elves known as The Scryers and witnessing Kael's new alliance with one of the Sin'dorei's hated foes The Burning Legion, the Horde and Alliance stormed Tempest Keep and killed Kael'thas.

Or so they thought, protected or perhaps resurrected by his new master Kiljaeden, Kael'thas stole Mu'ru from Silvermoon and lead a direct assault on the Sunwell itself, seeking to use its powers to summon Kiljaeden directly into Azeroth. Setting aside their differences the Draenei of The Aldor and the Sin'doei of The Scryers banded together under the banner of The Shattered Sun Offensive and launched a campaign to retake the Isle. Slaying and decapitating the pitiful creature Kael'thas had become the forces of the Shattered Sun, Alliance and Horde besieged Sunwell Plateau, attacking Kiljaeden before his summoning was complete and sending him back to the Twisting Nether, freeing the remains of the Sunwell from his prescence and allowing the Draenei leader Velen to use the remains of Mu'ru to reignite the Sunwell, cleansing the Sin'dorei of their addiction, giving them a second chance and giving them that most delicate and elusive of things; hope.

Blood Elves of The Sha'tar Edit

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