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Silvery moon, washed in blood,
Led astray into the night, armed with the sword of broken Light.
Broken, then betrayed by one, standing there bestride the sun.
At darkest hour, redemption comes, in knightly lady sworn to blood.

The Blood Knights are a faction of Sin'dorei 'Paladins', formed shortly after the destruction of Quel'Thalas to serve as an elite sect of the Blood Elven military with the primary focus of Scourge destruction. Currently the Order is on the offensive in Northrend, working out their long awaited revenge on the undead minions that ravaged their home all those years ago.

Introduction to the Blood KnightEdit

Formation and HistoryEdit

Taken from the official Burning Crusade Website:

Stealing the Light

Not long ago, in Outland...

Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider and his blood elves waited until the newly arrived naaru departed Tempest Keep. He had little interest in what the naaru hoped to accomplish on this shattered world: it was Tempest Keep that had brought him here. At the prince's signal the elves stormed the dimensional fortress, quickly defeating its automated defenses and claiming its satellite structures. The only real threat the elves discovered was a lone naaru who had stayed behind to maintain the keep's defenses. With some difficulty, Kael'thas subdued the energy being and sent it to Quel'Thalas so that the magic-addicted blood elves could feed upon it.

Back in the capital city of Silvermoon, Magister Astalor Bloodsworn was not content with this idea. After long months of study and experimentation, he and his fellow wizards learned how to manipulate and corrupt the naaru's luminous energies. In the end the wizards devised a process by which the powers of the Light could be transferred to recipients who had not earned such abilities. Instead of feeding upon the naaru's magic, the blood elves would wield the naaru's Light-given powers themselves. Lady Liadrin, formerly a priestess, had recently renounced her vows, for she felt the Light had abandoned her people. She learned of the wizards' achievement and volunteered to be the first to bend the stolen powers to her will. With her decision a new order was born: the Blood Knights. These renegade paladins are able to harness the sacred powers of the Alliance's noblest heroes.

Most members of the Blood Knights were once part of the Royal Guard – proud defenders of high elven society who came to believe that the Light had failed them in their hour of greatest need. They see their appropriation of the captive naaru's powers as well-deserved justice.

Although Warchief Thrall and High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof openly opposed the blood elves' methods, they recognized the Blood Knights' strategic value. Indeed, it is likely that the group figured heavily in the Horde's ultimate decision to offer membership to the blood elves.

Blood elf paladins have swiftly grown confident in their borrowed abilities. Nevertheless, as even the most inexperienced mage will attest, when powerful forces are manipulated against their intended purpose...

The consequences can be perilous.

Kael'thas' Treachery and the Abduction of M'uru Edit

Not long after his defeat at Tempest Keep, Kael'thas stormed his home city of Silvermoon along with his Felblood Army. With suprise and sheer power on his side, he was easily able to overcome any resistance that stood in his way as he headed for the chamber which held the captive Naaru, M'uru. His once loyal Knight, now confused and terrified proved little resistance, and their soruce of power was abruptly whisked away to the Sunwell Plateau on Quel'Danas.

After witnissing the trechery of the Prince, and seeking a new source of power for her Knights, Liadrin sought an audience with the A'dal in Shattrath City. It was here that she was informed of Valen's prophecy concerning her people, and learn the truth behind the martyr M'uru who had suffered to aid the redemption of her people. Upon hearing these baffling truths, Liadrin pledged the blades of her Order to the service of The Shattered Sun and the destruction of Kael'thas.

Blood Knights and the Renewed SunwellEdit


Lady Liadrin, Matriarch of the Blood Knight Order.

Taken from the Wrath of the Lich King manual.

"With the Sunwell's rebirth, the Blood Knights - an order of blood elf paladins who once wielded the Light by force - have decided instead to embrace it and to forge for themselves a new identity as they lead their people into a more promising future."

Not all Blood Knights find this change easy, or even acceptable. Indeed, many of the Orders original founders still scorn the Light and struggle internally with their personal beliefs and their sense of duty. The newer generation of Knights do not seem to suffer this problem, and tend to openly embrace the Light.

It is worth noting that even with the Sunwell in its current state, a Blood Knight is still not a typical Paladin. They do not require any sense of faith to syphon Light from the Sunwell (although some simply choose to be faithful), which is what distinguishes them from their Human, Draenei and Dwarven counterparts.


  • Lady Liadrin - Matriach and Supreme Commander of the Blood Knight Order
  • Lord Solanar Bloodwrath - Acting Commander in Liadrin's stead.
  • Magister Astalor Bloodsworn - Forefather of the Blood Knight Order

The path of the Blood KnightEdit

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

  • Paladin - This roleplay class is a Blood Elf exclusive class

Blood Knights of the Sha'tarEdit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

IC and OOC Information for Blood Knights on The Sha'tar Edit


The Symbol of the Blood Knights

  • IC channel: /join bloodknights - The IC communication works through either attuned crystals kept on one's person, or modification to one's insignia to contain scrying liquid. Either way, the 'frequency' of communication is the same.
  • OOC channel: /join BKooc - We had a lot of bracketed spam in the C channel, and this an OOC channel was made to get rid of it. Not necessary to join, but sometimes helpful.

Small website: - a simple forum made for registered members to keep up to date via an IC noticeboard and a section to file reports.

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