Blood Knight Division IX, or the Ninth as the name is often shortened to, is a division of Blood Knights based in Silvermoon City.

Guild Ethos Edit

The guild has been set up amongst friends from the Sha'tar's Blood Knight RP community - those who were unguilded and had no interest anywhere else. The guild itself does not claim to have any "rights" to being the only source of Blood Knight RP and nor will it exclude Bloood Knights not within the guild from its RP or activities, unless there is a specific reason to do so - I.E. The Ninth has been tasked with a job specific to their division.

The guild comprises of trusted, hand selected Blood Knight RPers who are trusted to fulfil their role as Blood Knights adiquatly and professionally. There are no guidelines for how a member of the Ninth should act, and each individual may have their own priorities within the guild; be they combatting scourge or patrolling the streets.

Current Members Edit

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