"If you don't master your anger, your anger will master you... I should know." - Hale Magefire, Bloodmage

Introduction to the Blood MageEdit

Donato Giancola Flame Wave 640

Flame Wave by Donato Giancola (co. Wizards of the Coast)

Fire, blood and rage; the three components of a succesful Blood Mage. Blood Magi are driven by a lust for vengeance, they are consume by their anger and rage and seek only restitution (ususally in blood) from their perceived transgressors. Formed after the fall of Quel'thalas, many High Elven magi turned away from the traditional Frost magic of the Kirin Tor and, driven by grief and rage, took up the Fiery magicks that some beleive to be demonic in nature, or at the very least chaotic and uncontrolled. Blood Mages are therefore one of the most dangerous types of magic user, lacking the discipline of the studious Wizard, the charismatic restraint of the laid-back Sorcerer, the understanding of the Psion or the cross-faction, passionate desire for innovation of the Technomage. Cross any of these classes, they're likely to ignore you or give you a magical slap on the wrist, cross a Blood Mage and all that's likely to be left of you are a pair of smoking boots.

Racial Restriction - Blood Elves, Forsaken (with an appropriate story).

The Path of the Blood Mage Edit

Vengeance, hatred and suffering to your foes and the more hated you have for your nememsis the more painful and excrutiating their death should be. Blood Mages wield the powers of Fire and Chaos with this philosophy in mind. Although fiercely loyal to their people, Blood Magi are quick to anger and glacially slow to forgive. They form tenuous relationships with others and rarely share their knowledge unless it results in the demise of their perceived enemies. On the battlefield Blood Magi typically let anger guide them, lashing out with sheets and bolts of flame, boiling the blood in their enemies veins and scorching entire buildings just to kill one person. It should be pointed out that Blood Magi are not evil, they're just very, very impatient and quick to anger but if you prove yourself to them they'll be a fiercely loyal ally, if you betray them however...

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Mage - Fire Specced
  • Warlock - Fire Destro Specced

Blood Magi of the Sha'tar Edit

Roleplaying tips Edit

Red flowing robes and flaming, spikey shoulderpads and weapons, Blood Magi like to look imposing.

Anger drives you, impatience is your teammate, hot-headedness is your bedfellow. Use them.

Chaotic emotions, happy and calmish one moment, foaming at the mouth the moment anything annoys you.

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