Bolgorim Frostvein is a Dwarven Death Knight, and loosely-affiliated member of the Athanatoi. He is also the last of the "Frozen Berserker Lodge" of Dun Morogh, according to himself.

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Bolgorim Frostvein.

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An incredibly muscular Dwarf with dark blue hair and a beard. His face is littered with hundreds of scars almost to the point of being unrecognisable. He rarely removes his helmet these days, but his eyes shine with the magic of Scourge reanimation through the otherwise darkened sockets. His voice has lost all trace of its traditional racial tones and accent, replaced with a hoarse whisper, like the voice of a damned, lost soul. Like many Death Knights who have mastered their control over the field of frozen death magics, the temperature is noticeably lower around Bolgorim.

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Dwarf Death Knight.

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Frost berserker, and practicing blacksmith.

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The frozen berserker lodge of Dun Morogh housed many creatures from all walks of life - Ogres, Night Elves, and especially Dwarves, considering it's close proximity to the grand citadel of Ironforge. The rigid and structured form of military life never truly appealing to Bolgorim - a born scrapper. After deserting his unit, he found refuge in the Frozen Berserker Lodge, nestled within a cave of Dun Morogh, lead by the human Braedon. He quickly gained honour and tenacity amongst his peers for his daring (and some might say truly insane) displays of physical prowess, such as leaping onto a Wendigo's face to gouge its eyes out with his thumbs before briskly snapping its' neck. He was a true born frost beserker.

During the events of the Third War, Bolgorim and his frost berserkers, lead by Braedon, in an attempt to repair their tenuous relationship with Ironforge, joined in the exodus to the frozen Northrend alongside other Dwarves and the Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas. Seperated from the main force to fight their own way through the wastelands, the lodge's numbers dwindled to less than twenty. Some died to the foul creatures of the land, others to starvation or infighting. Eventually, the Death Knight Arthas appeared before them, offering them the salvation of joining his ranks and serving his new master.

Furious that he and his kind had been betrayed, Braedon challenged Arthas to honourable combat. With a single blow, Arthas struck down the mighty berserker and consumed his soul within Frostmourne. As custom dictates, the slayer of the head of the frozen berserker lodge becomes the new head of the lodge. Impressed with their fighting prowess, Arthas declared that they would prove a fine vanguard, and demanded they swore fealty towards the Lich King. Those that did not were hunted for days like dogs, until they were slewn and eventually risen as his latest subjects.

Bolgorim willingly sided with the fallen Prince, although hunting his own kin greatly disturbed him. He proved himself a fine champion of the Scourge over the course of several years, until the fateful battle of Light's Hope Chapel, where he was finally freed of his thralldom. Now he seeks to revitalise and uphold the code of honour that the frozen beserker lodge indoctrinated into him so long ago, and to take vengeance against the Lich King. And of course, smash a few skulls along the way for good measure.

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The records are absent from the archives. Please contact the archivist for further assistance.

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Bolgorim is somewhat of a loner, with few strong ties to anyone, rather preferring to understand strangers through strength of arms or combat. Much like his kin, he is a creature of few words and fewer comforts. He can rarely be found outside of Dun Niffelem in the Storm Peaks, as he feels at peace with the Sons of Hodir - Storm Giants nestled within the Storm Peaks. He feely throws himself into any battle, so long as his fee of suitable enemies can be substantially paid. Upon leaving the Ebon Hold and prior to heading towards Outland, he took a day of respite to reflect on what had occurred at Light's Hope Chapel. It was there he discovered the Athanatoi, and was subsequently inducted into their ranks. While keeping somewhat aloof from the rest of the organisation, he is always at the ready to aid them when called upon. His fate is currently inexplicably intertwined with that of Kouniam, Qialynna, Zelcandor Stormdrake, Fingon and Urwen.

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Abandonment of duty - considered "pardoned" for this crime, considering circumstances.

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