Bollfor 'Loretotem' Raincaller
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Faction Horde
Location Alive

Bollfor 'Loretotem' Raincaller is a elderly male Tauren, but still quite spritley for his age (Which he prefers not to disclose). He prefers to allign himself with Harmony and good. Recently he was abducted by Yogg-Saron, whom although gave him his eyes back, drained him of his Shamanistic powers. He is often seen around Verdauga, as he is a close friend, and often gives his council to Verd's more... radical ideas.


Born in Stonetalon to Hrun Whitecloud and Karina Raincaller, Bollfor soon embraced the path of the Shaman, shaming his father who left soon after. He grew up and became staunch friends with Verdauga Whitecloud, and although was a lazy good for nothing, prefering to spend his time fishing when Verdauga was out exploring, Bollfor soon felt it time to catch up. As both Verd and Boll neared old age, Bollfor took on two apprentices, Donomae and Ságe. When Yogg-Saron begun to corrupt the Thousand Eyes, Bollfor himself got abducted, just to find out what was happening, and left his apprentice, Ságe in his place. He has recently resurfaced, with no connection to the Elements.




  • chuckle*

Where can I find a good stiff drink? There is/was no drink!


Bollfor's Eyes are grey in the light, but in the dark glow green like Saronite

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