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Braan Firetotem is a tauren shaman hailing from the Thousand Needles. He was born into the Firetotem tribe during midsummer sixty years ago, and he is today one of only two surviving members of that tribe after the rest was killed in a Grimtotem raid when Braan was still very young. Together with his older brother Gehumn, he grew up with the Bloodhoof tribe.

Braan has for the last few years dedicated much of his time to the Eyes, a guild which was founded by the druid Verdauga Whitecloud to make sure tribal races did not forget their heritage and traditions. Since joining the guild Braan has become a quite influential member, currently holding the rank of Spirit Guide.


Physical traitsEdit

Braan has got a brown pelt and red eyes. His beard and mane is a darker brown than his pelt, and he has three braids: one on the chin and one at each side of his face further back. Braiding his beard like this used to be common amongst the shamans of his tribe.

In his nose he has a golden ring, and he has a slight overbite like most tauren. He has quite long and white/yellowish horns, at the bases of which he often ties feathers, small totems and other accessories. His eyebrows are quite bushy. On his lower back he has a large scar.

Braan has strong arms, due to him carrying totems around a lot, while the rest of his body is pretty average. He stands 7' 13" tall and weighs just over 400 pounds, making him slightly bigger than the average tauren.


Braan is almost always seen with shamanistic clothing. On both his upper arms he wears leather cuffs with tribal patterns and feathers, and he generally wears kilts instead of pants. His kilts tend to be cluttered with patterns and colourful feathers to match his arm cuffs.

Although he will usually prefer warmer alternatives in cold places like Northrend, he tends to be bare chested. When feeling patriotic or he is representing them at various meetings -- for example with the Rolling Hills coalition--, he will often wear the Eyes tabard, the colour of which change every season, but always has a white eye on it. In summer, when the tabard is red he tends to wear it more regularly, although not when it is too warm.

When in combat, Braan will often choose to wear shoulderpads and something to cover his torso for added protection. He will, however, not use gloves if he can avoid it because, as he says, they disrupt his ability to focus elemental powers through his hands. When he does wear gloves they usually does not cover his fingers.


Braan, being of the Shu'halo (or tauren) united under Cairne Bloodhoof, is a loyal member of the Horde. Growing up with the Bloodhoof tauren, saved by the tribe after the disastrous end of this own, Braan has since his early childhood held Cairne in great respect. Ever since Thrall's orcs arrived on Kalimdor and saved the tauren from the growing threat of the centaurs, Braan has respected them greatly, and his loyality to Thrall almost equals his loyality to Cairne Bloodhoof.

He respects the Darkspear trolls and Vol'jin, although he has a skepticism against their old traditions such as cannibalism that limits this respect to some degree. Still, he realise that Thrall's trust in them is most likely well placed, and he accepts them as his allies. He is much more reserved, however, towards the Forsaken and the Sin'dorei. He is among the shaman who believe a cure against undeath might possibly be found, but ever since the Wrathgate his trust of the Forsaken has decreased. He will probably have a hard time accepting them as true members of the Horde again. Although he understand that they can do nothing about their condition, he feels uncomfortable around them due to their general absence of life, so he usually avoids them.

Braan has a distrust against the Blood elves, he disgusts their general arrogance and he has a hard time accepting their addiction to magic. He only grudgingly accepts them as allies, and tends to stay clear of them if he can, probably even more so than of the Forsaken.


Braan is a shaman, having trained as one ever since his early twenties. He wields the power of the elements and prefers to attack through bolts of lightning and lava from a distance, rather than engaging in melee combat. As a precaution, though, he tends to carry around a staff which he imbues with the power of the flame. He often carries a large totem around, which he plants to the ground in order to summon the power of the Elemental spirits, or to commune with the Earth Mother and the ancestors.

Braan is also a herbalist; he has a good knowledge of herblore, and using this knowledge he brews a large variety of potions and various healing remedies.


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Although Braan rarely stays in one place for long, traveling around Azeroth a lot, when he does take a break he generally lives in Mulgore, prefering the Bloodhoof village to the more noisy Thunder Bluffs. However, as often as not when he stays in Mulgore he can be found out on the land's rolling plains, meditating, playing with his pet praire dog Peku or merely observing the nature around him.

When in Orgrimmar, Braan tends to stay in the Valley of Wisdom, a more quiet part of the city. He generally avoids Silvermoon, claiming that all the magic there gives him a headache. The Undercity reeks of death and decay which stands against the tauren respect of life, and he will step inside its walls only if he absolutely has to.


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  • Braan used to drink 'a lot' of alcohol (that is, when the opportunity presented itself), but after an uncomfortable incident at a party hosted by Ruby shortly after the death of Arthas, Braan has stopped drinking much whenever he can avoid it.
  • He often sleeps in his ghost wolf form. Apart from that he uses it mostly when he needs to move quickly or hide, prefering to stay in his tauren form when he can.


'Stop being so ashamed of the body the Earth Mother has given you and get out of that form.' - Usually said to Druids and Shamans who stay in their forms much.

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