Character Background Edit

Full Name and Title Edit

Burthogge Fizzlespark

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Warlock

Occupation Edit

Private Detective

Family Edit

Burthogge has no siblings, his mother lives in Ironforge and runs an Apothercary and his father works as an engineer at the Fizzcrank Airstrip.

Character History Edit

Although at first glance he may seem old and wisened Burthogge is barely 85 years old and has lived a rather hectic life. He was born in Gnomeregan and from an early age showed signs of becoming a great lateral thinker. Burthogge took up engineering as a trade, if ever the need to have one rises, and turned his attentions to his newly formed detective agency:Fizzlespark and Co. Whilst he was tracking down a Goblin tinkerer, accused of theft, a small engineering accident caused him to lose most of his sense of smell; Burthogge now percieves all oudors to be lemon zest. After that incident Burthogge gave up on engineering, instead turning his attention to a much safer profession, tailoring.

Burthogge was investigating a theft in Stormwind when Gnomeregan fell and as such avoided the incident entirely. Recently Burthogge decided that, after a short lull in his buisness, his work would de made easier accompanied by a plethora of Demonic friends and began to dabble in Demonology, although he does not consider himself capable of being malicious in any way, shape or form.

Physical Traits Edit


Burthogge stands at around three and a half feet.


Burthogge is of average weight for his race.



Burthogge in Kharanos

Burthogge has a slightly meek build and does not seem to be much of a fighter, although his bushy eyebrows, meticoulously cultivated facial hair and small half-moon spectacles give the appearance of a scholar.

Burthogge has rough, light skin protected from the elements by well-kept robes, sturdy boots and, occasionaly, a pair of gloves. At first glance Burthogge's greying hair, dusty spectacles and admirable intelligence could make him appear to be old and wisened when, in actual fact, he is barely middle-aged with a mere 85 years his belt.

Burthogge is for the most part constantly followed by one of his various minions and a mechanical squirrel, the latter of which has a small purple shard encrusted into it's chest.


Burthogge prefers not to think that he has enslaved any of his minions, instead claiming that he "forcibly befriends" them. All of them are used as employees in Burthogge's detective agency.



Zigkol, about to set Burthogge's shoes on fire

Zigkol is a dark, grey imp, the first of Buthogge's new breed of detective employee. Zigkol is mischiviuos and, predictably, impish. He is rather obsessed with fire and tends to notice more exact details, an invaluable aid to any detective, atleast, when he isn't burning things.


Mecha Squirrel

Spizzle, the Mechanical Squirrel

Spizzle was a gift from Burthogge's parents on his eightieth birthday and has been his constant companion ever since. For the most part Spizzle appears like any mechanical squirrel, following Burthogge constantly, except for one small modification. At the centre of Spizzle's chest is a small slot, surronded by various couplings. Designed the hold part of a soul shard the slot enables Spizzle to take on the personality of the creature from which the soul shard was retrieved.

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