Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Faction Alliance
Health Health
Level 69
Status Travelling
Location Zangarmarsh

Caenerys the niece of Antares and Qialynna, two prominent and powerful spellcasters in the Athanatoi. She is a young farseer, and is protected by the spirits of wolves in battle.


Nearly the same age as Antares, she was a full adult when the Exodar landed on Azeroth. By the time she joined the Athanatoi, her two aunts had far outstripped her in power and experience, and made sure to see that Caenerys was never assigned a position of danger or responsibility. All her efforts were then bound up in proving herself, but inevitably she proved her guardians right. She is now an alcoholic, and travels alone without listening to the orders of her superiors.





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