Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Faction Alliance
Health Diehard
Level 80
Status Cranky
Location Below the radar.


If you don't want her to hurl abuse at you, call her Cail.

If you've heard Caileath from anyone but her, don't use it.

If you've heard Moonbreeze - even by making the connection to her brother - keep it to yourself if you value your life.

Physical Traits Edit

Cail is a tall female Kaldorei, slim bordering on skinny, with short, dark blue hair, pale purple skin, boyish hips, angular features, a hawk nose and the grin of a wolf. She dresses in functional leathers and doesn't care for vanities; nothing she wears or carries bears any sign of her heritage. Most times, she wears a pair of vaguely gnomish-looking goggles, and her equipment hides many tricks and surprises of the engineered variety, as well as more traditional tools of the trade. She tends to have at least a couple of oil stains somewhere on her person, and is followed by the smell of gunpowder.

Under the leather, should you see that far, is a body covered in scars, each worth a story though there's very few she'd tell even if asked. Some, like the old ligature marks around her wrists or the lashes across her back probably make it unnecessary to ask why.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Rogue

Guild Edit

A Perfect Circle, OOC raid guild. IC, none. Used to work for Horizon.

Occupation Edit

Highwayman and hired killer;

Intelligence officer;


Agent of the SI:7;

Grand Master gnomish engineer.

Family Edit

Emzée Moonbreeze, brother.

Parents: missing.

Background Edit

Raised communally to fill the plate armour of yet another sentinel, Cail did her part well enough for the first few centuries. Her performance was never stellar, but she didn't fall behind too much, either, nor did she misbehave or disobey. She was one among many, a cog in the machine, though that metaphor was rather lost on her at the time. Then, a few years before the battle of Mount Hyjal, she met someone, and started slipping. Subtly at first, but with increasing frequency, she was tried and judged for petty crimes, and while it was suspected that there was more to it, she never told any names.

Then came war. In the battle of Mount Hyjal, in the first wave of the attack, she was nigh mortally wounded and trapped inside her own crushed armour. Since then, she's never worn plate, and since then, she hasn't done much looking back, either. Shortly after Teldrassil was raised, she was tried for the murder of a priestess, found guilty, stripped of her name and rank and banished from the lands of the Kaldorei. In the years that followed, she did plenty, but finally settled in Stormwind; there, due to a series of unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on perspective) coincidences, she was met by Revane and Martin Northwall, and that is where her story truly begins.

Recently, Cail has repainted her face with the traditional Kaldorei markings. That, and she no longer batters people for calling her Caileath, though she still doesn't like it. Rumour has it that she's even been seen in Darnassus a time or two, but it could've just been someone similar-looking.

Family Background Edit

Orphaned at an early age, location of parents unknown, though records, non-verifiable, of their demise do exist. The little sister of a druid called Emzée.

Criminal Record Edit

Long and extensive, well kept in Darnassus. Culminates, though doesn't stop, in the murder of a priestess of Elune, circumstances shady to say the least. For this, she has been recently and personally pardoned by Tyrande, though most night elves who know or remember her don't tend to agree with miss Whisperwind on this. Suffice to say, of late, Cail has been killing the right people, as far as criminality goes; there are no notes from the last six months.

Personal Notes Edit

Cail has a crippling fear of heights, and won't touch a gryphon with a ten-foot pole. The only thing she trusts to fly on is her own flying machine.

Something of a theme song:

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