Character details Edit

Name and titles Edit

Caligo Nehman

Physical Traits Edit

Haggard looking, even for a forsaken, Caligo normally attempts a smart appearance, although mismatched or aging clothes can spoil this. His dark, lank, hair rests above his empty, if humoured filled, sockets. The skin is missing from his lower jaw, giving the impression of a perpetual grin.

Race and Class Edit

Forsaken Warlock

Guild Edit

Storm and ruin

Occupation Edit

Chiefly a Warlock Caligo has had many occupations in his life time, inspired by his whims and short attention span, ranging from strategist to Cult leader. One he returns to continually, however, is that of a barman. Although he has no bar to call his own after his recent absence he can often be seen in various inns and taverns, diligently washing a glass or two with a dirty rag and serving drinks.

Background Edit

Background pending.

Criminal Record Edit






Crimes against humanity (when he was still alive)



Running a drinking establishment without a licence

Allignment Edit

Chaotic neutral

Caligo cares little for good an evil, and merely follows whoever or whatever he deems the most interesting.

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