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Caliopé enjoying a break in Stranglethorn Vale

Name - Lady Caliopé Cassandra Alédorayna Markaneth
Height- 6ft
Weight - 120lbs
Gender - Female
Race - Black Dragon/ Blood Elf Appearance
Class - Sorceress (Mage and Warlock combined)
Rank - Magistrix of Silvermoon
Voice - Soft and gentle with a characteristic purr
Age - 500yrs
Location - Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods
Status - Active
Affiliation - Horde, Wyrmrest Accord
Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
Occupation - Teacher of the Arcane Arts, Silvermoon


Long black hair to mid-thigh ending in a soft point, with the fringe cropped to her waist. Her hair has a deep violet lustre in natural light. Her shapely figure is US - 96.6cms/63.5cms/91.5cms (cms) UK - 38E/25/36 (inches) and she has long slim legs. Her whole body shape is firm and more suited to a model.
Her long nails are an inch long, manicured to a point and painted black to match her lipstick which is black on top, deep purple on her bottom lip. Her deep emerald green eyes have draconic pupils to show her heritage and occasionally she shows her tail. She wears a necklace that looks like a dragon's head with an inscription: Alar di Pathrebosh, alar di Kazile: Kieldaz di Naztheros.
Her teeth are sharper and longer than normal to show her heritage and her face is considered by some to be beautiful. Her skin is fair and light further showing off her raven-black hair. She has a sweet scent of vanilla wherever she goes and can even assume her draconic form when angered or in time of great need where she resembles Nefarian but with Onyxia's tail and two extra horns like all other Black drakes. She has pure black dragonscales with a purple lustre in natural light. Caliopé bears on her right thigh the birthmark of a Black dragon that looks like a normal Troll tribal marking which she claims it to be to any who ask.


Amiable, friendly and with a warm smile: Lady Markaneth has a gentle and calming disposition. She's accepting of people's views and religions irregardless of who they are or what those views may be and she always aims to help others. Even the most patient unless a fanatical pacifist has a temper and Lady Markaneth is no different. Her temper varies depending on her emotional state at that point, if she feels sad or other low emotions her anger can be short and easy to provoke. Conversely if around her sister Lady Nanexia Fenri or in a high state of happiness: she is very very hard to provoke and whilst she can come across as detached, unemotional or even cold... that is not the same as her anger. She also doesn't turn into her draconic form when angered unless not present in any Horde city and far enough away to avoid most ears or eyes seeing her change.


Caliopé Markaneth image

Magistrix Markaneth

Part 1: Origin

Only one of her broodmates to ever bear the outright name Markaneth: Alédorayna was the favoured of her mother. She never knew this, raised to be a full dragon named Immolaytra: she soon charmed her way into Dalaran and studied magic, natural to herself. She further aided Sinestra in bringing its downfall with her manipulations and cunning. All the while, Onyxia praised her. Alédorayna wore the form of a shapely Quel'dorei female, weilded their most powerful arcane abilities including the gifts now borne by either warlock or mage: and was instrumental in settling Silvermoon.

Her most influential gift was her fondness for travelling and she travelled all of Azeroth. One trip proved to have more worth than she would know. She found a young nobleman, wounded in a battle with the trolls of Tor'watha. She tended his wounds and found herself a new goal. Using her considerable charms, she seduced him and became pregnant with his child.

Her love for him had passed and she travelled once more, but now her pregnancy was making her journey more difficult. She decided to stay at Lorthuun, a village in southern Quel'thalas: and there she waited until her baby was born. While her initial plan had been to bribe the male that got her pregnant, the birth of her daughter changed her mind completely. She named her baby, Caliopé Cassandra Alédorayna after herself and kept her a secret. To her, Caliopé was the one constant: the one thing that mattered. She never told Onyxia of young Shadowflame for her message was mysteriously destroyed.
Three years after having her beloved Caliopé, the trolls attacked again and during the battle: Alédorayna fell. The great dragon returned to Dragonblight and there she lies to this day, her bones guarding the entrance to the Emerald Dragonshrine. She gave the Black Dragonflight a precious gift and yet never saw her baby reach womanhood.

After her third birthday, Caliopé was raised in the village of Lorthuun by her mother's friend. Nobody told her the truth of her birth and none knew the inscription on the necklace left on her by her mother. She had her childhood there before the final attack by the trolls came. They attacked her village and left her almost dead. Caliopé was left alone, crying for the lost. Her tale would have surely ended there had Fate not intervened. Caliopé was saved by a passing caravan of elves. One among them was a particular lover of Draconic history and dragons in particular and had been searching for a dragon of her own. She found the little girl and no other life. Taking Caliopé, she became the guardian of the young dragon. Eloranna knew what the necklace around the baby's neck said but she kept it hidden as well as claiming that the child was hers. Caliopé grew to teenage in the village, loving all that life had to offer her.

Part 2: Absence

Tragedy would befall her and ruin another happy life for the poor dragon when her draconic puberty hit her. Caliopé had a terrible dream that resulted in her feeling intensely cold. Outside her body was changing drastically. The elves fought the dragon but nothing worked as she burned all around her with untamed white hot flames. When she woke, Caliopé found herself surrounded by ash.
Terrified of being a demon or possessed, she fled Quel'thalas... Her memory is blank as of this moment of what happened in the intervening years between her teenage years and her maturity. What she knows is little and very vague. She knows sometime she came home to her beloved Quel'thalas.

After the assault by Arthas and his lieutenant Dar'Khan, Caliopé returned home to Sunstrider Isle to see half her city ruined the rest rebuilding. The young dragon, or as she believed: Sin'dorei, wondered if she could aid her people in their new plight. Lady Julia Sunstriker, a magistrix and wise teacher: took Caliopé aside and showed her the most basic of spells. Her natural talent lent itself easily and Caliopé became an Initiate.

Part 3: Apprenticeship and the Magisterium

Over time, she would meet and make lots of friends, becoming easily the most popular of the Black Dragonflight. Lady Xeras Fandu'Talah would become her practical teacher. From her Apprenticeship up until she earned the rank of Mage, Caliopé diligently followed Xeras' every word. A fatal error would cost her her relationship and she parted ways with her teacher, a relationship recently rekindled. So she wandered again before she was taken by a lady who would become like a mother to her: Lady Lyviel Sin'diel. Lyviel was instrumental in Caliopé's ascension into Arcanist and later: Magistrix for she taught the young Markaneth how to use her intelligence not just her spells. Caliopé loves Lyviel to this day, continuing to do all she can to live up to her own expectations and make her mother proud of her, despite Lyviel's absence. It was due to a Red dragon, who had felt her truth: that she learned all about herself. Caliopé learned she was at least part dragon. She knew nothing of her father though. When she went to order Nefarian to release his prisoners along with other warriors of the Horde: he simply gave an unusual smile. When he saw her, he spoke in a tongue she had not heard. Suddenly he roared out: "If you will not join at my side, I will make you see the fraility of your mortal friends and you will be mine again!"

Caliopé helped the Horde to bring him down and in his dying breath he told her the truth. "You are mine... just like your mother. One day you will stand at my father's side in my place, my Shadowflame: my daughter!" Then he passed away as she stood at his side. Since then she aimed her focus on restoring the past relationship between both her peoples: the Sin'dorei who raised her and the dragons her blood ties her to. Perhaps one day the time before the War of the Ancients will return and both races will live in peace again.


Her mission to restore the lost balance and reclaim the lost bonds between mortal and dragon alike, has gone well. Not only is she an exalted warrior of the Netherwing, who she views as brothers and sisters: but also of the Wyrmrest Accord which she considers herself to now be an Ambassador for all draconic presences among mortals.

Occupation and HobbiesEdit

Occupation - Mage (classifies herself as a sorceress due to following more than one school of magic)

Caliopé is widely recognised as a true Magistrix of Silvermoon, an achievement she takes great pride in and still aims to teach any who come upon her path who ask it of her. She is also an ambassador for the Wyrmrest Accord.


Tailoring/ Seamistry - Cali is passionate about her sewing more than anything else she does.
Writing - Caliopé loves writing and is usually found in Silvermoon with a quill in hand and her book open.
Drawing - Not something she does often, or even of late: but she is an okay artist.
Singing - a Sfogato soprano, she will sing if asked but suffers from stage fright if brought in front of large crowds.
Exploring - when not doing tasks, Caliopé loves to explore. Her curious nature lends itself well to the free-spirit inside that loves to look at new places.
Socialising - not necessarily drinking, she is a friendly lady who will talk to anyone that talks to her and is almost always found in Silvermoon with friends, family or people she met that very day.


Lotesse kalina lle no' en' mela mellon  (Light and hope to you my friend) - Main quote and motto
Always let your heart decide, for it is the one thing that never lies. - Cali's philosophy on any hard decision
I believe there is good in each of us, but it needs the will to show itself - Her belief that even the most evil can have a tiny shred of light in the darkness

A good teacher is wise enough to know that they too: may still learn and can learn from their apprentices as the apprentice learns from them. - Her remembrance of Lyviel, of which this is one lesson from two
Wisdom and experience can oftentimes come... right after we need them - Cali's training 101


Caliopé has aided several guilds in her career, most notably The Ashwing (at the time known as The Eburi), she would go into her own project,The Violet Dragonflight but recent changes in the Horde and its government have prompted the sorceress to instead turn her attention to aiding the Warsong Council in their endeavours.


Despite being a member of one of the most notorious Dragonflights, Caliopé is trying to make a difference to a few people. She tries to befriend almost everyone she meets and the closest to her are like a family. Her compassion and her eagerness to learn are her most endearing qualities.

Her hair and in draconic form her dragonscales: have what's described as a blue violet lustre. In the real-world think of a raven. The feathers are so black that in really good lighting you can sometimes see a purple colour over the feathers.

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